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J&J Performance Full Tilt Two Piece Barrels


If the only setback for you to get the J&J Full Tilt barrel was that it’s one piece, here’s your solution. With the Full Tilt Two Piece you can chance lengths easily and it performs just as good as the Full Tilt. It shoots accurate and consistent, it’s very quiet and durable and it looks awesome. The thing is extremely easy to clean. You don’t need any squeegees, just shoot through the break a couple of times and the barrel works like a charm again. Breaks are not often if you match the paint to the bore size correctly, but since you have only one bore size you should really be careful with that. Here’s the manufacturer’s info about this barrel:

“The J & J 2-piece ceramic barrel is the best of both worlds for your paintball marker. The accuracy of the Full-Tilt series and the cleaning of a ceramic barrel are combined in this design. This two piece barrel has interchangable tips. The 12″, 14″, and 16″ tips are $20 each.”

There’s just one thing players put as a downside for this barrel – its weight. It’s not much heavier than the other barrels on the market, but can absolutely find something lighter. The extra weight comes from the stainless steel back, but that also mean that the barrel is as durable as it gets. And the weight doesn’t really affect the balance of the gun. It just takes some getting used to and you should be fine with it. The price is pretty fair if you ask me. You can get the Full Tilt Two Piece for about $55 which is not bad at all. And then if you want any other of the tips you can get them for $20 each. In my opinion that’s a great deal.

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