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JT One Piece Barrel


After the 2 Piece, here’s the review for the JT One Piece barrel. Just like with the 2 Piece I’ll review the thing, but won’t really recommend it to you since you can get something far better for the same price. This is one OK barrel and I can’t say anything better than that. As far as looks go – it’s very nice looking. Also relatively accurate – it works great in short to mid distance, but when it comes to long shots – forget about it. The thing is light, but not very durable. If you don’t take good care of it, it scratches very easily, but since that relate to almost all barrels I don’t think of is as a downside. The JT One Piece isn’t that quiet as the 2 Piece, but it’s also not too loud. You have to be careful with matching the paint to the bore size right, or you’ll get breaks. And even though the barrel self-cleans it takes a squeegee to bring it to its best shape. As you see it’s nothing more than an average barrel. If you insist on it you can find it for about $50, but my advice is check out for something else. For $50 you can get yourself something less problematic and with better performance. Look around, it’s not like you don’t have a choice. And for those who insist here’s some info about the One Piece:

“This One Piece JT aluminum barrel with Helix drillings is available in various lengths and fits Viewloader, Brass Eagle and JT markers, Spyder and Piranha.”

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