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Lapco Autospirit Aluminum Barrel


This is not a barrel I’m too familiar with, but people often refer to it as the most gas efficient and accurate 12″ barrels available. I can agree with that since the Lapco Autospirit isn’t heavily ported like the Dye or Smart Parts. This allows you to run a lower pressure while maintaining the same volume of gas spent. The thing is very light, but well balanced on your gun. It’s supposed to be self cleaning, but my advice is carrying a squeegee, just in case. Breaks are possible since the recommended paint is the small sized one. If you don’t match it right you’ll be breaking paint like crazy. You know what less porting means right – gas efficiency, but also noise. This one’s not different – the thing is loud and if you don’t like that you should be looking for a different barrel. Another thing I can put as a downside is the lack of sizes and colors. You can get the barrel in only 12in and if this is plenty for some, it can be a big setback for others. The price is around $50 and like with the JT One Piece Barrel I can’t really recommend it to you. There are just too many better performing barrels out there you can choose from. Check everything out before you make your decision. Anyway here’s the manufacturer’s info about this product:

“Its 12 inches long, has a .687″ inside diameter, a bead blasted finish, and porting. Small paint is recommended.”

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