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Lapco BigShot Aluminum Barrel


The BigShot is the next Lapco barrel to be reviewed. You may find it strange, but this cheaper Lapco barrel is actually better than the previous one reviewed. I’m not gonna point out the Lapco Autospirit downsides again, I’m just gonna write about the BigShot and you can compare those for yourself. The BigShot is some pretty accurate barrel, as long as you match the paint right (medium paint recommended, for those who don’t read the descriptions). It’s very reliable, consistent and efficient. It’s pretty nice looking although I’ve seen nicer barrels out there. It’s pretty easy to clean as long as you use a squeegee…don’t count on shooting through breaks. It’s strongly made and you don’t have to worry about scratches or stuff, but that doesn’t mean abuse it too much. Here’s the given info about it and we’ll move on:

“Comes in 8″, 12″, and 14″ lengths, has a .689″ inside diameter, a hard anodized black or bead blasted finish, and porting. Medium paint is recommended.”

I didn’t mention the thing is light – it is and it also balances the gun very well. The only problem you may have with it is the noise. It doesn’t have too much porting, hence the efficiency, but that makes it pretty loud. If loud is not a problem for you, you can get the thing for about $45. I’m not sure if I should recommend this barrel or not, cause I’ve seen better barrels out there. Maybe a little bit expensive, but sometimes is worthy to spend some $10 more and get something twice as good. If you can’t do that – go for it. Still, there are better barrels out there.

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