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Lapco Microshot Barrel


The Microshot gets its name by the size of paintballs it uses – the smallest of them all. It’s yet another $50 Lapco barrel and unfortunately yet another I can call nothing, but average. If you use the right paint the thing shoots pretty accurate, but I guess that’s true for almost every other barrel out there. It has just the same advantages the previously reviewed Lapco barrel had – it’s durable, very efficient, nice looking, light. It cleans nice after you use a squeegee, but doesn’t really shoots through breaks. Yet again it rarely breaks if the correct paint is used. Here’s the info as usual:

“Lapco’s new small bore barrel. it has a bore size .684.; it is designed for Draxxus and Hellfire sized paintballs.”

The Microshot carries the BigShot’s negativities too. It’s pretty loud for some. Again that’s due to the small amount of porting. And again if that’s not a problem for you, feel free to get the thing if you like. My opinion from the last review stays unchanged – I’ve seen better barrels out there and can’t really recommend this one. Spend $10 more and get something far better than this.

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