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MACDev MatchStik 5 Piece Barrel Kit


I’ve always liked MACDev products and this barrel kit is not a difference. It gets you pretty much everything you need from a barrel kit – three backs (.685 .689 and .693) and two most popular tips (12″ and 14″) – maybe not in the perfect looking case, but still. Most importantly you get those for a pretty fair price. The kit costs $100 and you know that in many times this is the price for a single barrel. As to the performance – I don’t think you’ll find something to complain about. The MatchStick shoots very accurate, it’s light weight, it’s pretty efficient (although it’ not the best), it cleans easily (just shoot through the paint) and is very durable. As I said – you get everything a barrel has to offer. Here’s what the kit features:

2 piece design, interchangeable sizes
5 piece kit (3 bores, 2 tips)
Super concentric design ensures that the barrel shoots straight every time
Autococker threading or Spyder threading
Optimum porting for quiet operation and long trajectory
Bonus display/storage case and foam liner

There’s nothing really too important to be put on the negative side. The thing is absolutely worth the money asked for it. Some of you may not like the way it looks as the backs are kinda shiny, but that’s just a matter of taste. I think it looks great and I’m sure if you decide to go for this kit you won’t be disappointed of it at all.

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