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OPSGEAR Operator Barrel


I admit I’m not too familiar with the OPSGEAR Operator Barrel, but of what I hear it’s pretty good one. Especially when it comes to accuracy. Looks are also not something we can pass without mentioning. It simply looks real…intimidating even. I know it’s a matter of personal opinion, but I think the barrel looks pretty good. Keep in mind that it does make the gun more bulky with the way it looks. The thing uses big size paint and if you match it right I don’t think you’ll have problems with breaks. Anyway even if you do the thing self-cleans pretty well. Here are some details about it:

Billet machined from solid 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Gun-drilled and micro-honed to exact sizes leaving a near mirror finish
So straight that they even clean faster and easier
A highly mico polished interior
Exact replica of the M16/M4 muzzle break
1 inch diameter barrel
Flat Tactical No Glare Finish

I didn’t mention light above because it’s not. The thing is pretty heavy, but it’s something you’ll get used to eventually. Besides that adds to the realistic look even more. It’s also pretty loud and if you’re into quiet barrels this is not the one for you. Efficiency and consistency on the other hand are perfect. Another thing you may wanna be careful about is that the barrel scratches pretty easily. Take care of it and don’t abuse it too much. It’s not the perfect barrel to get, but the price is pretty good – you can find it for about $60. Think about it, compare it to some other barrels in the same price range and then decide whether to go for it or not. It’s certainly different than most of the barrels on the market and I think that’s a big plus. Still, the decision is all yours.

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