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Powerlyte Scepter Barrel System


If you’ve narrowed your choice to a Powerlyte barrel the Scepter is the one I recommend getting. There’s not a straight answer to why the Scepter is better than the other two Powerlyte barrels I reviewed, but it just is. If you’ve read the previous two reviews you’ll know I’m absolutely not bashing the other two Powerlyte barrels, on the contrary I think they’re great and worth every penny, but the Scepter just outperforms them. It’s hard to say it’s more accurate, but it’s dead on accurate I give it that. It’s also very efficient and quiet at the same time. It looks amazing. You get a choice of different backs and fronts in multiple colors – whatever suits you best. Matching the bore to the paint right will leave breaks in the history, but if you break a ball after all, the barrel cleans very well, very fast. I’m sure you’ll love it. Here’s the given info for it:

“The Scepter is simply the most revolutionary barrel design ever created. Its features solve every problem ever associated with a paintball gun barrel. This is the only barrel to ever use a self-align system to precisely align both bores. This alignment creates a perfectly straight flight line for the ball to travel through. The Scepter also features color coded, interchangeable bore sleeves to correctly match any size paint. These bore sleeves have been uniquely designed to load from the front and lock in place to prevent any shifting or movement during firing. Since the bore sleeves don’t require O-rings to hold them in place, there is no chance of the sleeve flexing under pressure.”

There’s nothing to be put as a downside really. This barrel is very near perfection. And the price is also not something to complain about. You can get the 5 Bore Kit (5 bore kit is all you need in my opinion) for about $100.  It’s a small price to pay for a product performing that great. If you get the chance to try it first, I’m sure you’ll get it soon after that. It’s not something you want to miss out.

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