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Proto 1 Piece Barrel


Another company well respected among the paintball players. Proto products are usually pretty good ones and often at decent prices. Their 1 Piece Barrel is not an exception. Even though it’s not one of the best barrels out there, the price is what makes it worth for a review. The thing costs only $30 and this absolutely puts it in the chart for cheapest barrels on the market. But if you think it’s some sort of a crappy barrel you’ll be wrong. The 1 Piece is actually pretty accurate. It doesn’t have the best range of fire, but it’s a pretty good one. It’s also very light and quiet. You get plenty of choices, not only as colors, but also as lengths (12in, 14in, 16in). The bore is a pretty big one – .690 – but if you match the paint right you won’t have problems with breaks or inaccuracy. Here’s the manufacturer’s info about this product:

“Increasing your gun’s performance has always been a must, and having an accurate barrel is number one. Our Proto barrels are made to the highest quality standards and are ultra accurate.”

On the negative side is the cleaning after a break. Don’t expect it to self clean, use a squeegee by all means. Also it’s not the toughest barrel out there – it scratches very easily so you may want to be careful with it. The barrel is absolutely worth the $30 asked for it and if you can’t afford something more expensive I’m sure it will serve you very well. It’s a great upgrade for a stock barrel that most certainly won’t disappoint you.

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