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Proto 2 Piece Barrel


And here’s the alternative if you’re not a 1 Piece barrel fan. The Proto 2 Piece is again not the perfect barrel out there, but the price tag makes it attractive. Performance-wise it’s the same as the Proto One Piece – pretty accurate (but we’ve seen better), light (we’ve seen lighter), quiet (not the quietest). It possesses its negativities, too – it needs a good squeegee after a break and is pretty fragile. What I like less in the 2 Piece barrel is that although it should provide bigger versatility than the One Piece, it actually doesn’t. You still get one bore size – .690 and 3 lengths – 12in, 14in and 16 in. I don’t get what’s the point in having 2 Piece barrel when you get only one bore size. Anyway here’s the given info for this barrel:

“Proto barrels are manufactured with premium 6061-T6 high-grade aluminum and honed to .690 and 8 micron finish. Proto barrels are available in two models, single tube construction and two piece configuration. Additionally, straight porting makes the Proto barrel a quiet and most accurate addition to your gun.

Available in black, red, blue and clear. Sizes are 12″ and 14″ lengths for single tube and 14″ and 16″ lengths for two piece. Made for most markers.”

The price for it is about $60 and since for that price you can get something far better I can’t really recommend it to you. The 1 Piece is definitely worthy, but $60 is way too much for the 2 Piece. Anyway it’s all up to you – if you like it, get it. Just don’t forget you have plenty of choice on the market.

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