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Redz Pepper Stickz


Not too many people can afford getting this kit as it’s price can get up to $190 (can be found for around $150 if you look hard enough), but if you get it you’ll notice it’s worth every dollar. What you get is 4 backs (.687, .689, .691, and .693) and two fronts (14in or 16in) – pretty much all you need from a barrel kit. The barrel is extremely accurate and durable. It’s light and quiet. It’s also very efficient. It cleans extremely well and you don’t need a squeegee for it. Anyway breaks won’t be a problem if you use the right for the paint bore size. The thing looks great and I’m sure you’ll like it. Here’s some info about it:

“Simply put, Redz has made the ultimate barrel system. Four 8″ backs (.687, .689, .691, and .693) and two tips (14in or 16in) give you everything you need in one complete kit. You know it has to be good if we engraved our name on it.”

Again, there’s nothing I can put as a downside. The barrel really is great. There’s one thing you may not like – that the smallest bore size is .687, but that’s not even a downside. You also don’t get colors to choose from, but the barrel comes in black, which goes well with everything, so again that’s not a downside. If you can afford this kit don’t hesitate to get it. It’s one of the best on the market right now. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

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