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Silhouette V Carbon Fiber Barrel System


The Silhouette V barrel system is pretty good one, but not really great one. It’s priced for $160 and for that money you can get something far better. For $160 you get the usual accuracy, light weight and quietness, but nothing more. Nothing to distinguish it from all the other systems on the market. What you get if you decide to buy this product is 5 backs and one tip. Maybe it’s just me, but for that money I’ll ask for more than one tip. Anyway here’s the full info about it:

“The new Silhouette barrel system has been tried and tested and proven to be one of the best barrels out there on the market today.

Not only is it light but also deadly accurate. Unlike its competitors, the Silhouette barrel system has a true back end long enough for the paintballs to achieve the best results of flight,power,air consumption and accuracy.

The backs are designed from high grade Aluminum which helps maintain their strength and lightness. The barrel itself is constructed from Multi Layer carbon fiber.They will be available in Red fade Black, Blue fade Black and White fade Black.

The Silhouette full barrel system contains the following

5 Backs ( 0.685 , 0.687 , 0.689 , 0.691 , 0693 )
1 Carbon Fiber Front barrel – 5 Porting rows for ultimate performance and stealth
1 Barrel bag – Classic design ,padded walls. Holds barrels and the backs
1 Silhouette barrel cover
Autococker , Angel 06 and Impluse threads”

The barrel looks good and it’s nice that you have different shades to choose from, but there some thing to be put as a downside too. Cleaning a break is not as easy as you would expect from a barrel that expensive. You can shoot through breaks, but it will take some time till the thing clean itself. The best way to clean it is if use a squeegee or run some water through it. It’s not much of a downside, but still why get this system when for the same price you can get something better? Anyway the decision is all yours, I’m just giving an opinion.

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