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The Viking won’t charm you with its looks for sure, but anything beyond that in that gun is amazing. There’s not a single thing in it that’s gonna disappoint you. You want speed – you got it, you want distance – you certainly got it, accuracy – no problem. I know right now it sounds like a commercial, but trust me this gun deserves it all. It’s efficient, consistent and extremely durable. The thing feels great in the hand; it’s light and comfortable to carry. The battery life is also amazing. And you won’t believe how easy it is to maintain. I know it’s a different thing to have a big brand name gun like Dye or Empire, but if you’ve ever tried the Viking brand names will be just that – names. I can easily put the Viking between the greatest top ten guns on the market right now and no one can convince me it doesn’t deserve to be there. Don’t trust me – try it and see for yourselves. Till then here are some features:

Same side, dual ball detent
3/8’s of a pound lighter than the ’03
Shorter profile
SCM comes standard
Relocated on/off switch
Shorter bolt
Bodies are milled for eye wiring
WAS Equalizer Board
Humphrey Solenoids (commonly referred to as the “new” solenoids)
Type 3 “Hard” anodizing in a matte (dust) finish
Double grip with Blade trigger
AKA low-rise
Factory Warranty

Really the only thing that can bug you in the Viking is the way it looks; it’s very plain looking marker and can’t compare with the flashy guns out there, but there’s a taste for everything. It’s a bit pricy – about $800, but for what you’re getting I think that’s a fair deal. I’m not sure how easy you can find the thing on the market, because I hear they don’t make Vikings anymore, but there still are places that offer it. You should really try the thing if you can, but if you decide to get it without a tryout I don’t think you’ll regret it at all.


The Inspire Nano is somewhat new on the paintball market I doubt many of the players ever heard of it. It’s hard to trust a new product, especially in a sport as competitive as this one, but in my opinion Inspire came up with a pretty good marker that I don’t think you’ll regret buying. The thing is very nice looking and ultra light. It makes a great marker for all the front players, but not just for them…it will work no matter your position. The Nano takes some getting used to, but it’s a reliable, accurate and efficient and I think you’ll like it. It’s a pretty simple marker, but exactly the simplicity makes it so good – there are fewer things that can go wrong. It’s worth mentioning that the thing comes stock with a carbon fiber barrel – a very nice feature that should help even more with the accuracy (as far as it depends on the marker). Take a look at the given features and we’ll move on:

– Low operating pressure (180 PSI) (HP or LP compatible)
– Lightweight 3D milled body (entire Marker weight with 14″ barrel is less than 800 gram)
– Magnetic on/off and clamping feed
– first ever Marker with stock Carbon Fiber barrel
– CF Barrel in 12″ , 14″ or 16″ configuration
– Standard 45 grip frame
– Millennium, PSP, NXL and NPPL fire modes
– Entire operating system utilizes only two (2) moving parts and six o-rings to give maximum dependability and ease of maintenance
– Easy access to bolt and assembly, only one (1) screw to remove
– Sleek Small Design

When you get the thing you’ll probably drool over it for a while and then rush to fire it, before you do that make sure you lube the o-rings again. They come lubed, but it’s far from the way they’re supposed to be. The one flaw I can find about this marker is the board, I can’t say it’s horrible (not at all); it’s actually nice for a regular player, but to be competitive you’ll probably need to change it. Other than that the marker is great. It’s nicely made, light, accurate and durable, what more do you need. It also comes at a normal price – you can get it for about $550, compared to the other markers out there this is not so bad. I like the thing; I think you’ll like it too. Sometimes it’s just a matter of jumping.


The Recreational Gear Bag is another good NXe product and unlike the Rover Rolling bag it’s really worth getting. It’s not as big as the Rover but still holds plenty of stuff. It has hard bottom so your gear won’t hit the ground every time you put the bag down. It has a divider in the main compartment to keep things separately. The wheels are very nicely made and pretty robust as is the entire construction. You’ll like the bag I’m sure. Read some more about it:

“We are pleased to announnce the introduction of the GB 50 rolling gear bag. The GB 50 was specically designed to fill the niche for an entry-level, rolling gear bag at an affordable price. The GB 50 includes six internal pod holders and an adjustable divider which allow the user to create an internal compartment for gear storage. The GB 50 is ideal for the new player, basic rec player, and those players who just can’t spend a $100 or more for a gear bag.

* Additional features include Internal loops for pod storage
* Velcro divider for compartmentalization of gear and paintball guns
* Wide-mouth opening provides easy access, and simplifies opening and closing the bag
* Zippered outer storage pockets
* Rugged compression roller bearing wheels and ultra-secure pull strap to ensure ease of use”

As it says in the description it’s great for beginners or basic rec players that don’t carry too many stuff with them. It would have been nice to have at least one more divider in the main compartment, but you’ll have to deal with the single one provided. Another thing I don’t like is that again there’s no specific spot for the marker and it will have to be put with the rest of the gear. Anyway it’s a good gear bag…especially for the price it’s coming – $45. It’s rear to find a quality gear bag for less than $50. You should certainly check it out.


The NXe Rover Rolling bag is pretty big one. It’s actually very similar to a large gym bag, only it has two large pockets on each side and two smaller ones upfront. It also has a separator inside the main pocket. It sure can hold a lot of stuff and I don’t think anything will be left behind. It is nicely made and very robust. You can trust it 100% when you travel and carry your gear. It’s equipped with wheels and some very nice pull system that I think you’ll like. Again very strongly made so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart, as in many other cases. Here are some details about it and we’ll move on:

“The Rover is a flawless blend of function, innovation, and style. An expanded wheel base and all new Omni-level pull system eliminate any wobbling of the bag. The Rover boasts nearly 6,000 cubic inches of storage and is almost 40% lighter than all other gear bags in its class. Whether it is a day, a weekend, or a whole week at the field, the Rover is the perfect bag to fit your needs.”

It’s a nice bag, as to be expected from NXe, but there are some things worth mentioning as downsides. For starters the Rover Rolling Gear Bag is really nothing more than the large gym bag I mentioned in the beginning. It has no specific spot for your gun (let alone more than one), the pockets, while big, are just pockets – no separators, smaller pockets or anything in them. The bag just lacks organization. You’ll feel just as good with a simple duffle bag. For the price it is given I don’t think it’s worth getting, but you’ll decide for yourself. The price tag is about $110 depending on the place you’re getting it. If you’re looking for an advice – look for something better. There’s plenty of choice on the market.


The Empire XLT is really the hugest gear bag I have seen so far. It can probably fit twice your gear and there might be some more room left in it. Seriously – it huge. It has big main compartment and plenty of pockets with some additional pockets in them. It’s really nicely made – great looking and which is more important, very sturdy. You’ll notice later in the specifications that with the bag itself you also get a removable gun case, tool pouch and a carry-on gym bag. Whatever you can think of this bag has it. What I like best is the goggle pocket – it’s very nice and very well protected (unlike some other bags I’ve seen lately). The bag also has telescopic handle (and trust me this comes in very, very handy when you load the thing), shoulder strap, and some off-road wheels (again a great touch – those are not the fragile wheels some other bags have, that you’re expecting to break any moment). Enough of that, look at the provided info now:

The largest gear bag Empire carries; this bag will hold it all. You will be able to carry everything you would ever need at the field with you. The MTS™ has been added to this huge gear bag as well, so you can strap in 2 markers.

* Vented wet pocket
* Removable gun case (accommodates 2 markers)
* Felt-lined goggle pocket
* Side pockets filled with zippered mesh pockets
* MTP Market Tether System
* Removable tool pouch
* Inside the side pocket in a lightweight carry-on sized gym bag (To transfer to if your bag is overweight for the airlines).
* Internal organizer pocket
* Telescopic hide-away pull handle
* Rugged off-road wheels
* Removable shoulder strap”

There are a few tiny details I can put as a downside, but don’t get me wrong – the bag is great…those are just tiny, tiny things that can make it better. First off the main compartment has no dividers. Just one divider would make things so much better, but there aren’t any so you just have to deal with it. Also the side pockets are somewhat tight…but you can still keep plenty of things there. And last the Marker Tether System is kind of pointless in my opinion. It’s no more than a couple of Velcro straps that don’t even hold your marker that secure. Other than that the bag is awesome and if you can afford it I’m sure it will meet your expectations and even exceed them. There’s also plenty of color and theme choices (yet another thing you don’t get from the other companies). It’s kinda pricy though – you can find it for about $160, but again do get it if you can spend that kind of money…you’ll love it.


So, duffel bags may not be the most comfortable ones, but they sure are the most effective when it comes to carrying a ton of things. So if the Rogue Backpack is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of stuff to carry the Unity Crosstrainer SE Duffle Bag is exactly the opposite. It has a huge main compartment that can hold all of your gear, two guns and whatever more you can think of. It also has plenty of outside pockets that may come in handy. It’s really durable and not to mention very nice looking. The shoulder strap is heavy duty and very comfortable. Pretty much all you can expect from a paintball bag to be. So here is some more info about it:

One day, One Bag. This compact shoulder bag boasts overnight accommodations for 2 guns, your full line of paintball clothes and equipment, plus the ability to morph into an external gun carrying case (attach your intact marker set up). There is a huge main compartment, with a foam-padded base. Heavy duty ergonomic shoulder strap, that removes if you want it to. Exterior pockets designed to carry spare lenses and a tool kit. Made from Ballistics nylon with the Empire unity custom urban camo.


* Holds two guns plus a padded detachable gun case
* Side mount Tether system
* Hide-Away wet pocket
* ID window
* Zippered Tool pouches
* Large main compartment for gear
* Abrasion resistant base
The only downside I can think of about this duffel bag is how heavy it will get when you fill it up. But that’s not really the bag’s problem is it. So if you insist on carrying everything “paintball” you own you should suffer the heavy consequences. In the end, in my opinion the bag is really great and totally worthy and if you can spare $80 on it you should definitely get it.


The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve checked website offers for the Empire Rogue Backpack is that there’s no description to go with it – no specifications or features. I find that a bit strange, especially since it’s not one of the cheapest backpacks out there. Anyway I can still give you my opinion on it and it’s only up to you whether to get or not. So if I have to describe the backpack with just one word it would be “average”. There’s really nothing too exciting or special in it to distinguish it from all the other similar products out there. It’s a pretty normal backpack actually and in the world of paintball and all the gear it consists of that’s not a good thing. The bag is really not as big as it looks on the picture. Sure it will hold your gun (or even two) and maybe some additional small stuff, but most of your gear will still need to be hanged on the outside which for many people, me included, is not the best way to go. I mean, you’re buying a backpack with the intension of actually carrying stuff in it and not so much on it, right. So the Rogue is not really my favorite offer out there, but I have to give it credit for being very, very comfortable. You’ll be amazed. So I guess if you don’t have many things to carry anyway, you may as well like it if you give it a try. Its price is about $60 which I wouldn’t really spend on it, but as I said in the beginning in the end it’s all up to you. Just mind what you’ve read so far.


Here’s another suggestion if you’re not a fan of backpacks – the Empire Invert SE Gun Case. The cases are usually smaller than backpacks, but still big enough to hold most of your gear. You can easily fit your guns, barrels, tanks, hopper, tools and more. You’ll still have to have something else for the clothing though. Anyway this is one very nice gun case. Probably the best thing about it is that there’s padding everywhere. Sides, bottom, top, even the internal dividers are padded. It’s extremely protective and very strongly made. There’s a special tank holder with Velcro that secures one tank to one side of the gun case or the other. Also there’s padded barrel compartment on the side that holds about 6 or 8 barrels. The gun case has one shoulder strap and dual carry handles for easier and comfortable use. Here’s the provided info about it and we’ll move on:

“Lightweight and durable, this bag won’t weigh you down like many other bulky bags on the market. With an extra large capacity pocket in back, convenient front pocket and surprisingly roomy main compartment, the Invert Gun Bag can carry your marker in style.


* Side, bottom and top padding
* Padded internal air system sleeve
* Removable / customizable internal padded dividers
* 2 External tool / part pockets
* Enclosed external barrel compartment”

What’s the greatest about this case is its price. You can find it for about $35 and you have to agree that this is really cheap. There isn’t really too much to be put as a downside, especially considering the price so I won’t even bother you with tiny flaws. If you’re tired from the backpacks and want something different, comfortable, very practical and most important cheap the Empire Invert SE Gun Case is exactly what you’re looking for.


The Empire Heater is a pretty good backpack. Especially for the money it’s priced. You can get it for about $55 which in the world of paintball backpacks is really not so expensive. Can you find something better – certainly, but you have to be willing to pay the price for it. The Heater is pretty big and you’ll be able to fit almost everything in it. Still, some of the bulkier stuff will be left on the outside. There’s a place to hang them though so if you don’t mind that you’ll like the bag. It has a big main compartment and plenty of additional pockets for your other stuff. The bag is strongly made and will keep up with the weight of your entire gear. The inside is made of nylon material which is very easy to clean. You have padded back straps and a strong grab handle. Pretty much everything you need from a backpack. Here are some more details about it:

* Specific pocket for your compressed air tank and loader
* Roomy main compartment for all your clothes and pads
* Clip for your goggles and harness to attach securely
* Neoprene grab handle to yank your bag out of you trunk
* Concealed padded gun compartment
* Two front pre curved padded compression straps
* Moisture wicking back pads
* Organizational pocket with places for your MP3 and all of your personal stuff
* Coated nylon material inside that easily wipes out any unwanted paint spots

The downsides worth pointing out are the lack of space for your entire gear and the lack of padding on the bottom of the backpack. I’ve already cleared the first part and as to the second – you just have to deal with it and be careful when putting your backpack on the ground. Other than that the bag is really a good deal. As I already mentioned the price is pretty good one and I’m sure you’ll be happy if you decide to get the Heater. There’s not too much to be expected from a backpack.


Those of you who don’t like the backpack style can chose something like the Trainer for instance. It is duffel style bag, again big enough to fit most of your gear and very practical. The
Dye Trainer has thick Velcro handle and reinforced stitching all around, making it very durable and safe to carry around. The bottom side of the bag is lightly padded, so it will keep its shape and protect your gear when you leave the bag on the ground. The Trainer helps you organize your luggage very well – it is divided into four compartments, one along the side, large center, and two on the other side. It also has additional zippered pockets in the rear and front. See the info provided for it:

Large duffel style main compartment
– Adjustable shoulder strap
– Name card holder
– Dual zippered front pockets
– Large zippered rear pocket
– Microinjection logos
– Embroidered Dye logo, Dye logo Zipper pulls
– Dimensions: L26″ X W15″ X H11″

The biggest disadvantage of the Trainer is that even though it’s pretty big it may still be unable to fit all of your gear and you may need to carry something else with you. Also it would be nice to have some more padding on the bottom and maybe some for the pockets. Anyway the bag is a pretty good one and I think you’ll like it very much. It will cost you about $50 which is pretty much the cheapest Dye bag you can get. Still, if you don’t insist on the brand name you can find just as good, similar products for even less money.


Even though it’s a 2006 model the Dye Explorer will cost you quite a sum. It keeps its price high, but the qualities of the bag totally justify it. It’s a beautiful looking bag, huge and very practical. There’s plenty of room for your gear and more. It has many, many pockets for storing wallets and keys, plus removable gun sleeves, and clothes compartment. And even when you think you’re running out of space – there’s a little zipper that can expand the bag 2″ more. The Explorer 2006 also has wheels and, unlike the Navigator 2008, it is equipped with telescopic handle for easy transport. It has padded back and bottom so it keeps it shape and is very comfortable. Here’s the provided info about it:

– Small travel wheelie bag
– Telescopic handle and clear wheels for easy transport
– Two book-style padded gun pages
– Two main compartments for gear
– Accordion style expandability for over packing
– Two carry handles
– Built in barrel compartment and bottle sleeve
– Sectional interior

There’s just one thing I want to point out as a downside – even though the Explorer looks like a backpack there are no back straps on it. This way you can only wheel it, but not carry it on your back. Other than that the bag is great and if you have $100 to spend on it I suggest you do. You won’t regret making that decision.


If you have some more money to spend take a look at this next bag option. The Dye Navigator 2008 is certainly not for everyone, but absolutely a great product. It’s practically two bags that clip together with 4 large, adjustable clips and can be hauled around as one. The first bag is pretty much a travel bag where you can keep your everyday clothes and accessories. Its entire bottom has reinforced plastic that extends to the sides and front of the bag to prevent wearing out and tear. It consists of two compartments – one for your clothes and one for whatever you decide. It has plenty of space in it and is pretty practical. The bag also has a hard plastic handle for grabbing onto when you need to lift the bag up and two rollerblade wheels that look pretty durable for easy and smooth rolling. The second bag is the gear bag. It has no hard surface or luggage rails on, just padding on the bottom. It’s big enough to fit all of your gear, but still has plenty additional pockets for use. There are also shoulder straps (padded) and a waist and chest strap for carrying the bag around as a backpack. And if you don’t want to carry it, just like the travel bag, it features its own set of wheels. Here’s the provided information about the Navigator 2008:
•    Largest compartmentalized paintball gear bag available
•    Upper completely detaches from lower
•    Upper converts to backpack for dual usage
•    Both upper and lower sections feature wheels for easy transport
•    Padded gun section holds up to 3 markers, 1 with tank
•    Redesigned large side pockets for extra storage
•    Large rear compartment for storage
•    Large front compartment for goggles and extras
•    Multiple carrying handles
•    Padded backpack straps
•    Waterproof section for cleats
•    Vented with durable metal eyelets
•    Heavy duty ballistic nylon construction
•    Backpack waist clip for extra support
•    Large heavy duty YKK zippers with DYE logo zipper pulls
•    Extremely large lower section for clothing storage
•    Embroidered DYE logos
•    Dual Name card holder
•    Dimensions L38x W19x H21
“The Navigator is the original paintball gear bag that completely separates into two halves. This unique design allows you to separate your dirty field gear from your clean street clothing. Fill the top section with all your guns, goggles, jerseys, pants, you name it. Then keep all of your clean clothes in the bottom section, allowing you to go out to the celebration dinners in style. The top section of the Navigator converts to a backpack with padded straps and back support, while the bottom section can be left at the hotel with all of your clean clothes for the night life. Both top and bottom sections now feature wheels for easy transport. The Navigator can hold up to three guns, one of them still with the tank on it. You can also store your goggles without the worry of deforming them while it is left in the trunk. The bottom section features two large compartments. One to store all your clean folded clothes and the other is waterproof for all of your bathroom supplies.”
Just like with every other product there are some things that could have been done better. Nothing too major believe me, but still worth mentioning. Like the fact that there is no telescoping handle. The featured wheels don’t make too much sense when there’s no telescoping handle (not to me anyway). Also the backpack straps could have used a bit more padding, but that’s not too big of a deal in my opinion. Other than that the Navigator is really a great bag to have. The build quality is simply excellent, something we’re used to when talking about Dye products. It’s gonna cost you thought. The price for this bag goes up to $200. Pretty steep, but totally worthy if you ask me. For those who can afford it – don’t hesitate getting it.


We went through almost all the possible paintball gear out there and as you can see it’s quite a luggage to carry around. And sure you can use any regular bag or something, but it’s always a plus to have some more options. And there are. Starting with Dye Ranger 08 Backpack. That’s a pretty good looking backpack if you ask me, and pretty comfortable too. It’s big, it’s practical and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it. It has a large main pocket that’s gonna fit most of your gear and for the rest of it there are five smaller pockets on the front, one on each side, a laptop sleeve accessible from the side and the main pocket and an mp3 player pocket on the top flap. There are three sleeves inside the bag to separate gear from clean clothes. The backpack straps and back are nicely padded so no matter how heavy the thing is it will still be comfortable. And in case you’re not carrying much stuff you have the option to compress the bag with the side Velcro tabs and make it smaller. Read the provided info about it and we’ll move on:
•    Unique military style duffle backpack
•    Multiple handles for easy carrying
•    Large outer cargo pockets
•    Wide open main compartment
•    Heavy duty buckle closure system
•    Adjustable padded backpack straps
•    Side Velcro tabs to compress bag with smaller loads
•    Dimensions L24x W15x H16
Dye did a very nice job with this backpack, but there are some things they could have done better. What I don’t like is that the body of the bag is completely flexible (except for the padded back), and there is no frame to help keep its shape. It’s kinda irritating. Also be careful as there’s no padding on the bottom. If you don’t want to break something make sure you don’t drop it on the ground too hard. The closure system is pretty good one, but the somehow the top flap is pretty loose so you better figure out a way to close it more tightly. If you can deal with those tiny flaws, this is the bag for you. It will cost you about $75 (which is not cheap), but it’s gonna last you for quite a while and I’m sure it will meet all your expectations.

Even in paintball, where the market’s not that varied, you can distinct yourself from the crowd. It all depends on your imagination and creativity. And since you can’t make your own distinctive marker or gear why not customize your grips and be absolutely different. That’s exactly what the Stinger Paintball is offering you – grips (and hoppers, for those who’re interested) with your own design. Write whatever you want, draw whatever you want, choose any color – they’ll put it on the grips for you. There’s plenty of grip choice available and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Here’s some info about this product:

“Make your own custom grips for your paintball gun.

Unlimited possibilities for any kind of design you want on your gun make this a great product.

You can find them in almost any type of grip style.”

There’s not gonna be downsides this time since I’m not reviewing some specific grips, but their design. I can’t say how comfortable thy will be or whether they’ll feel good or no – it all depends on the style you’ve chosen. I know one thing though, you’re gonna love the way they look simply because it’s gonna be your own making. You can get those custom grips for $35 and in my opinion that’s a small price to pay. If you really want to be different that’s the way to go.


The previous Hybrid Technologies Grip I reviewed was the Hellcat and if you’ve read that review you’ve noticed all the superlatives. This one’s no different. It has all the qualities of the Hellcat and differs only in its look. It’s nice and very comfortable grip and if you’re not a fan of the soft sticky grips you’ll absolutely love it. It provides steady grip, it’s durable and easy to clean. It will fit most guns out there and is overall a great upgrade. Here’s the info that comes with it:
“The Leather embossing and six shooter styling keep the paint flying at phenominal speeds yet unheard of by the likes of Billy The Kid. The Gunslinger Leather grip featuring the limited lifetime warranty that comes standard on all Hybrid Products. Hybrid Technologies are the Hottest grips available on the paintball Scene! They are designed slimmer than normal grips making it easier to wrap your hand around them for a much more comfortable feel.
Hybrid Gunslinger Leather 45 Grip Features:
•    Fits any 45 Grip frame
•    Available in Brown Leather with Black trim only
•    Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty”
The only thing you should consider is the way it’s gonna look on your gun. The grip comes in brown leather only and that won’t look good on every gun color. Other than aesthetics you have nothing to worry about. If you we’ve been using the sticky grips before that it may take a while until you get used to it as it’s pretty hard one. It shouldn’t take long though. The price you can find it for is about $27 and although there are cheaper grips out there this one surely deserves consideration. If you can afford it – get it.


Overall the Smart Parts Pro-Touch Grips are pretty good grips although there are better ones on the market (Dye in my opinion, but you’re entitled on your own). The Pro-Touch are well designed. There’s a spot for your thumb and the section for you bottom two fingers is really squishy. They provide nice grip, although they’re not very sticky. They look very nice and add style to your gun. Some people don’t like the fact that the material is a see through (even the black ones), but I think it looks really nice. The grips fit almost every gun and seal nicely to your frame. They’re pretty durable and easy to clean. Even if they’re not the best they do the job they’re supposed to. Here’s the provided information:

“Two-tone super soft grips contoured for the shooting hand. Fits .45 style grip frames.

* Fits All:
* Mechanical Spyder
* Tippmann 98
* Smart Parts ION
* Smart Parts Impulse
* Smart Parts Shocker
* Indian Creek BKO
* Indian Creek B2k
* Indian Creek Freestyle
* Mechanical Cockers”

On the negative side – the grips tend to be a little on the big side and may not be comfortable for some of you. Although they’re said to fit all guns the adjusting may take some time. If you’re used to the Sticky grips those may seem a little slippery at first, but soon you’ll get used to them. It’s not a bad product, but if you ask me I’ll go for the Dye Sticky. The price of the Pro-Touch doesn’t differ that much anyway. You can find them for about $18. If you can spare some more money get the Dye ones, if you can’t those are also a good choice.


Another pretty good choice when we talk about grips. Those are a little bit different of what you may be used to, because they’re not soft grips and it may take some time for you to adjust, but after that you’re just gonna love them. They’re very comfortable and extremely durable. They fit almost every gun and come in many patterns and colors. The materials they’re made of help improve your grip and the gun feels steady in your hand. There’s a thumb slot (for lefties too) that also helps with comfort. Read the info about them and we’ll move on:

“Rugged, long lasting Hellcat World War II tank action grip. Hybrid Hellcat grips featuring the limited lifetime warranty that comes standard on all Hybrid Products. Hybrid Technologies are the hottest grips available on the paintball scene! They are designed slimmer than normal grips making it easier to wrap your hand around them for a much more comfortable feel.”

Beside the strange feel when you first get them, which will very soon disappear, there’s nothing else to be put as a downside for these grips. They’re really great and if you don’t like the widespread soft grips those may be a really nice change. The price is about $25, which is not that much really. It’s a good choice and I don’t think you’ll regret it if you decide to go for it.


The Dye Sticky 3 are the newer version of the Sticky Grips and people describe them as even more comfortable than their predecessors. They too have great design and look great on the gun. They’re much stickier than the original Sticky grips and it only gets stickier and stickier as you play. They clean easily and won’t wear out on you. Again plenty of colors are available so you won’t have any problem finding the one that fits you most. Just like the old Sticky grips those are a great product that really deserves some consideration. Here’s the provided information about them:

“DYE’s original sticky grip was the first rubber grip developed specifically for use in paintball, and has become the most popular grip on the planet. Now DYE has taken grip technology to the next level with the Sticky 3. The Sticky 3 utilizes a combination of injected materials in two different durometers to give you the ultimate in comfort. The Sticky 3 also offers full wrap design giving your frame a back strap cushion and filling your palm completely. This advanced molding technology provides you a secure anatomically correct fit with a soft shock absorption material that your hands will love. Like the original DYE Sticky, the Sticky 3 will fit all standard 45 frames and is offered in a variety of colors to match your marker. Our quality sphere jewel logo is molded directly into the grip and will stay there forever. Beware of imitations, stick with the original.”

There’s just one flaw people report for those grips – that they tend to easily when you put them on your gun. That was really an issue for the first batch, but after that Dye reinforced the material and I don’t think you have to worry about tearing any more. Still my suggestion is to put just a few small drops of oil on the frame before you attach the grips. This way they’ll be easier to slide. And note that those are only available to .45 frames so if yours are any different it may take some more tweaking until you set them right. The price of the Sticky 3 Grips is not too much different from the normal Stickies. You can find them for about $25. Anyway no matter whether you’ll get the old ones or those you’re making a great choice. Those are absolutely the best.


In the world of grips those are probably the best ones you can get. It’s a Dye product, so you know it’s a quality one. Anyway those grips feel way, way better than any stock ones. They’re nice and comfortable and provide some very steady grip to your gun. They won’t wear out quickly or lose their stickiness as they’re very durable. Also they’re pretty easy to clean and won’t let dirt or dust near the electronic components. They’re absolutely worth getting and will certainly add more style to your gun. There’re plenty of colors you can choose from so I doubt you won’t find what you’re looking for. If you’ve really decided to upgrade your stock grips my advice is to get the Dye Sticky. Take a look at the tiny piece of info about them:

“After market grips for markers with a .45 frame.”

Anyway, those really are the best choice you can make and even though they’ll cost you a little bit more they’re totally worthy. The one and only problem you may encounter is to fit them to your gun. It takes some tweaking, but in the end you should be just fine. The price you can get those for is about $20 which is not that bad really. Sure it’s more of a cosmetic upgrade, but you’ll certainly notice a big difference over the stock grips. Get them. You won’t regret it.


Grips as many other things are also optional for your paintball marker. They’re more of a cosmetic feature, but sometimes can really make some improvement. Stock grips are usually not the best ones (although there are some very good ones) and you’ll notice a big difference once you get something else. We’ll start with the 32 Degrees Gel Grips that are in the low price range. You can absolutely find something better, but for the price they come at I think you should at least check them out. The grips come in variety of colors so no matter your taste I’m sure you can find something for you. They are pretty comfortable and the marker feels steady in the hand, although some players claim they’re a little harder than expected. They look really good and will certainly improve your gun’s look. Check the provided info about them and we’ll move on:

“32 Degrees Gel Grips attach to any 45 frame that has two screw hole son each side. Adds a unique color and a comfortable feel to any gun grip. The finger grooves also make it more comfortable than a stock 45 straight grip.”

What people mostly complain about is that the screw holes don’t line up perfectly with the ones on your marker. That of course depends on the model and I’m sure that with some alignment you can get rid of this problem. They can be a little flashy for some of you, because of the shiny 32 Degrees logo on them. They can get stained easily, but they’re also not that hard to clean so another problem solved. The price they come at is about $20 and this is not so bad. Still if you can afford something better and more expensive suggest you go for it. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on grips though those are a good upgrade.