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TASCO Red Dot is also a nice buy. The scope is not too expensive, and I’m sure you’ll like it. It has pretty large field of view and a nicely visible red dot. There are 11 brightness settings for the red dot making it usable in every lighting condition. The scope is durable and won’t break on you even if it takes a direct hit. It’s light and although it’s not the smallest one it looks pretty good on the marker. It’s easy to mount and adjust. Once you zero it, it will stay steady on the gun and won’t move around like many other scopes do. Here’s the provided information about it:

“Extra-bright with a wide field-of-view, illuminated 5 M.O.A. Red Dot with 11-position rheostat, built on dovetail fits standard centerfire weaver-style bases. For shotguns up to 3″ shells and handguns up to .357 magnum.”

Nothing really to be put as a downside. Sure there are much better scopes out there, but for the price this is a pretty reasonable buy. It will cost you about $35 which compared to the prices of the good products out there is rather cheap. Go for it if you can’t afford something more expensive. I’m sure it will meet all your expectations.


The FOT Sight is a bit different than the others reviewed till now. It’s nothing more than two ghost rings which when aligned provide target acquisition. It’s simple, but works perfectly. It doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t have lenses. The sight is all metal and extremely durable. It’s practically indestructible. It’s very light and also easy to clean. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. See some information about it and we’ll continue:

Made for Paintball Markers – Fits the A5 and Model 98 and clears the hoppers.


•    Designed by OPSGEAR working with SG FIVE SWAT Trainers
•    Military Grade
•    Bead Blasted Anodized Aluminum – BLACK
•    The two GHOST Rings align in seconds to provide instant target acquisition
•    Will mount on the Tippmann A5 or Model 98
•    Will Mount on ANY weaver style, picatinny or 20mm mount in seconds
•    Can be mounted toward the front (Close Quarter Style) or on the top of a rail
•    Requires no batteries

What people don’t like about it is that the ghost rings tend to be too big and don’t create a very small focus area for sighting. Also the pin inside tends to unscrew with the vibrations of firing the gun. This is easy to fix with some loctite, but it’s still irritating. Another thing you should consider is that the sight has a very low profile and you may have to purchase a raised sight rail on which to mount the FOT sight. It comes pretty pricy – about $50 and for what you get that’s a little expensive. For that money you can get a good red dot sight. Still, the FOT has its advantages over the other sights out there and in the end the decision is all yours.


You know my opinion on Dye products. There’s rarely something that will disappoint me. Unfortunately the Dye Izon is one of those products. Not that it’s a bad sight, but if I have to compare it to the Armson ProDot, the ProDot will totally outshine it. The Izon is an occluded eye sight just like the ProDot so it may take some time to get used to it, but one you do it will improve your accuracy quite a bit. It’s pretty compact and overall smaller than the ProDot, but because of that the red dot is brighter. It’s not hard to see it, only it’s brighter. It has wide field of view. It doesn’t require batteries, just sunlight to operate. It’s also pretty easy to clean…just like the ProDot (for those who haven’t read the review about it). Now here’s some infi and we’ll move on:

“This sight gives you the appearance of a red dot on your target. You aim with both eyes open, one eye looking through the sight and the other looking at your target, and you’ll see a red dot on your target. The sight is adjustable and it requires no batteries.”

The biggest advantage of the ProDot over the Izon is the durability level. The Izon won’t break on you easily, but it’s not as durable as the ProDot. The Izon is made of aluminum, but still there are some plastic parts inside. The ProDot is all metal. The Izon is also pretty hard to mount. It’s stable once you mount it, but the mounting itself will take a while. As to the price – the Izon costs about $45 which is cheaper than the Armson and if you can’t afford the ProDot you should absolutely go for the Izon. Still if you can spend some more money I suggest you go for the Armson without hesitation.


If you want a really cheap sight that in the same time won’t cause you many problems this may be the one for you. Sure, it’s not the best one on the market and it has its flaws, but for the money it comes they’re worth ignoring. I’ll start with the positives – the biggest one is the price – you can get the sight for no more than $10 (at some places even for $5). It doesn’t get cheaper than that. The sight is very nice looking, the red dot is bright and visible, it uses watch battery and it will last you for quite a while. It stays secure on the marker and won’t move around like many others. It provides nice field of view and is not really a weak sight. Here’s the description for it and we’ll continue:

“Daisy Max View Electronic Point Sight features adjustment for variable red dot brightness. It provides 18′ field of view at 30 yards. Fits standard 3/8″ dovetail mount.”

Now about the flaws – the thing is kinda hard to calibrate, but that’s true for many of the sights out there. It’s pretty hard to clean. The paint can get into so many places that it will take you a while to get it back to normal. Also the battery cover falls pretty easy so be careful not to lose it. And that’s about it. As I said those are things worth ignoring considering the price of the sight. If you really can’t afford something more expensive this one is a good substitute.


The biggest advantage of the Crosman Red Dot Site is that it comes with a very low price tag. Overall it’s not a bad sight. It’s lightweight, you get plenty of field view, there’s no glare, it’s easy to adjust and zero, it also stays on the marker very secure. It’s a nice looking sight, but it has one big disadvantage – it wasn’t really designed for paintball. It was designed for air rifles and pistols, as that is what Crosman primarily produces. It’s just not designed to take abuse or paint on the internals. It’s all plastic sight and a couple of direct hits will just make it useless. And the durability is not its only problem – the red dot isn’t very bright, it’s awful on battery (if you forget the switch on you certainly have to replace the battery the next day), the battery switch is very flimsy and it will totally come off after some use, also some people complain about the elevation not being enough. Consider all those things before you rush into buying the sight. As I already said it’s pretty cheap one – you can find it for about $15 – but if you can spend some more money I suggest you look for something else. What’s the point of getting a sight that will pretty soon fail you?  There are better sights out there and for not much more money. Look around a little bit more.

“Easy-to-use finger knob adjustments & large lens for increased FOV.”


The PMRS wouldn’t be my first BSA Optics choice. It has its advantages, but in my opinion it’s not really worthy the price asked. It does have lower profile than BSA 30mm RD Sight (for those of you concerned about the size). It’s more compact and really nice looking. It also has four different reticules (stated in the description). The sight is easy to mount and zero and pretty steady once you mount it on your marker. It’s also easy on the battery, but don’t forget to turn it off in the end. Sounds pretty good for now, but I’ll explain why it’s not my favorite after the description:

“The PMRS is a compact, lightweight multi reticule sight with a 3 M.O.A. dot, crosshair, 10 M.O.A. dot crosshair and a 65 M.O.A. circle with a 3 M.O.A. dot. It features a panoramic view. It comes with an integral weaver style mounting rail. Batteries and rubber lens cover are included.”

First of I’m concerned about the durability. I’m sure the thing can take a couple of direct hits, but more than that you’re just pushing your luck. Also on a very bright day if the sun is shining right on you, you may have a bit of trouble finding your reticule. Even though the sight has seven brightness levels the reticule is still pretty fade. Those are not things you neglect when buying a sight and I suggest you think twice before getting this one. As to the price – it’s about $60, which is kinda high, especially when you can find the 30mm RD Sight for as cheap as $30. There’s plenty of sight choice out there and I’m sure you can find something better than that…you just have to do some more searching.


If you didn’t like the BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope, because it is big, just skip this review and move on to the next one. For those who don’t mind the size you’re gonna love the BSA Optics 50mm Red Dot Sight. It is just as great as the BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope, only bigger. It has huge field of view, it’s extremely durable and won’t break even after a direct hit, it’s great on battery, you have 11 brightness settings for the red dot so you can play in pretty much every lighting condition, it’s easy to mount and calibrate. The lenses of the sight have a nice anti glare coating so that’s one less thing to worry about. Now see the provided specifications and we’ll move on:

Red dot features and specifications
*All optics have a lifetime Warranty
*11 dot intensity settings 3MOA
*Positive click Windage and Elevation adjustments of 1 click per 100 yards
*ALL GLASS Lenses, Multicoated Top quality precision ground and polished
*Water, Recoil and Fog proof, Nitrogen filled
*Sturdy Aircraft quality Aluminum Construction
*Durable matte powder coat Finnish (Black only)
*Extra 3 volt Lithium battery included
*Instructions, cleaning cloth, Warranty Card and Red dots all in Attractive packaging

There’s not too much to be put as a downside – I already mentioned the size, but there’s one more thing you should get into consideration – the sight is meant for a weaver rail which makes it hard to mount to some markers. Still anything is possible with some adjustments. This is a pricey sight costing about $90, but if you can afford it you should certainly think about getting it. You won’t be disappointed.


The BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope gets really good reviews. People like it very much and are pleased with its performance. The sight is very durable and you don’t have to worry about breaking even if you take a direct hit on it. It has a pretty large field of view and even allows you to use both eyes to aim. The red dot is also pretty good. You have the 11 brightness settings and no matter the light conditions you’ll see the dot very clearly. The sight is extremely easy on the battery so you won’t need to charge or get new ones every other day.  The BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope is easy to calibrate and once mounted is very steady on the marker. It’s really a great thing to have. Here are some specifications about it:

•    11-position click rheostat control knob.
•    Matte Black Anodized finish.
•    5 MOA size red dot.
•    Light-Weight & Compact Size.
•    Affordable price

On the downside – having a large field of view usually means that the sight is pretty big – this one doesn’t make a difference. If you want a small compact sight this one’s not for you. Another problem may be the mounting. Depending on your marker the mounting may be very easy, but also pretty hard work. Other than that the sight is just great. And its price is great too. Depending on the place you can find it as cheap as $30 which is a great price. Go for it without hesitation I’m sure it will meet of your expectations.


The only difference between the ProDot and the ProDot Max Duty is in the design. As far as characteristics go this sight is just as great. It’s extremely durable as it is manufactured from aluminum (except for the front optic, which is a very tough plastic, and the rear optic, which is a glass lens). It does not require batteries, which in long term saves you money.  The dot is very clear even in low-light conditions. The sight is very easy to adjust and zero and is also very steady so once you zeroed it right it will stay in place. Here’s the provided information about this sight:

“The Armson ProDot sight is the king of optical illusion sights. One eye sees a black circle with the red dot in the middle. The other eye sees the target and when you’re brain puts it all together you see your target with a dot on it.”

Just like the ProDot Max Duty the ProDot will take a little time to adjust to. It requires both eyes open to see the red dot on the target and this is something quite confusing for some people. With the time you’ll get used to it but this is something worth considering before making the purchase. The only real downside for this sight is that the screws, snap rings and mounting plates are made of regular steel and can get rusty with time. It would have been nice if they were made of stainless steel, but they’re not. Anyway if you keep your sight clean and take care of it properly I don’t think you’ll have problems with rust. The sight is quite expensive and probably not something anyone can afford, but it’s worth every penny. You can find it for about $70 and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it if you decide to get it.


The Swifty is slightly different than the other sights out there. With it you don’t see a glowing red dot floating on your target. What you see is a flat black plastic with a red dot in it. Being designed that way the sight requires you to look though it with both eyes open, then your brain superimposes the dot over what you’re looking at. That’s why the Swifty doesn’t require batteries.  It’s also extremely easy to clean since there’re not too many places to get stained with paint. The Swifty is pretty nice looking, but a design like that has its flaws. Many people never get used to it and some claim that they loose depth perception completely. Another problem you may stumble on is the attaching to the gun. It is kinda tricky and in the end the sight may remain wobbly. Also since it can’t be closed tube you can get problems with reflections produced by strong sunlight, or since it requires light to operate it may get difficult to use when it’s darker. It’s plenty of negativities you should consider, but if you decide to get it anyway it won’t cost you too much. The Swifty is priced for about $25, which is pretty cheap. You may as well try it, who knows you may like it.

“The Swifty is a new compact, lower cost sight that uses a light gathering prism and fiber optic technology to project a sighting dot on an aiming lens.”


The sure Shot is said to be same as the Hot Shot, only closed tube style, but in my opinion it’s so much better. They cost pretty much the same, but there’s no doubt which one is better. The Sure Shot is pretty easy to set up and adjust and it really approves your accuracy. Just like with the Hot Shot you get the option of self adjusting the brightness of the dot. It has fairly wide field of view and looks great on the gun. It’s also pretty good on battery. Here’s some information and specifications about it and we’ll move on.

“For those who prefer a closed tube style sight there’s Sure Shot Red DotSight. Sure Shot has the same features as Hot Shot and it has the Paintball Proof Warranty. Bot sights have wide field optics and featurea clear, bright Red Dot. A convertible 3/8 inch or 3/4 inch mounting system fits .22 Caliber or Airgun Dovetail or Weaver Style Base
Dot Size: 8.0 M.O.A. (M.O.A. – Minute of Angle)
Length: 4.3 inches
Weight: 2.5 ounces
Height: 2.25 inches
Mounts: 3/8″ or 3/4″ convertible
Magnification: None
Power: 2032 3V Lithium (Included)
Switch: Off-Med-High
Adjustment: Windage & Elevation”

On the opposite side, even though it’s better than the Hot Shot, the Sure Shot still has plenty of disadvantages. Like the fact that it’s pretty fragile. If you play hard this may not be the sight for you. It can take some direct hits, but the number won’t be big. Also the dot tends to disappear in you sometimes. It’s much more visible than with the Hot Shot, but again it’s pretty bright. People also complain about the battery holder and it being pretty weak. Also the thing is very difficult to clean. Impossible if you get paint between the lenses. Consider those things before making a purchase. As to the price it costs about $35. It’s not expensive and for the money I think it performs fairly well.


Will it be enough if I say I prefer the Hot Shot before the IMP. I really don’t want to go through all of the downsides again. It’s easy with the advantages – they’re not so many of them – the thing looks nice and is easy to install, other than that it’s all flaws I can think of.
There’s one more good thing – you can get it for about $18 which is as cheap as it gets, but why bother when it’s gonna ruin your game more than it’s gonna help. Here’s the provided info and we’ll move on:

“This addition to the ADCO® reflex sight line will make the novice shooter an “eagle-eye” in minutes. The iMP offers all the advantages of higher priced reflex sight at a fraction of the cost. It even has built in mounts compatible with standard .22 caliber style 3/8 inch dovetail. This product was built from the ground up to be an electronic sight. The iMP has a polymer body with metal mounts. Many air gun shooters, particularly paintball players, find the iMP to be just what they need to get off a well placed shot. The value of reflex sight shooting is now well established. For action games like paintball, the ADCO® iMP is recognized as a winner.”

All of the downsides pointed out for the Hot Shot are 100% true for the IMP. It’s even worse because at least the Hot Shot is easy on the battery. With this one it is very easy to leave the sight on which will drain the battery. Really, if you’re gonna spend money on sight at least get something that deserves getting. There’s plenty of Adco choice that will be better than the IMP even if it’s not the most expensive one. Get something else.


The Adco Hot Shot is also on the cheap side, but it’s certainly not my favorite sight out there. It has some advantages, but it has even more downsides so I don’t really recommend it to you. Anyway the good things are that it is pretty compact and looks very nice on the gun. It also has 3 options to put it on – Off (all the way to the back), medium brightness (the middle option for low light situations), or high brightness of the dot (all the way in front). The last thing I’ll mention as an advantage is that it’s not so bad when it comes to battery. Unfortunately the rest of the review will be after the info about the product where I usually put the downsides:

“The Hot Shot looks something like an IMP, but it is bigger and tougher in every way. Durability is more obvious, field of view is increased, and mounting brackets are really strong. Meanwhile the power switch is something like the Champ. It has a low and high brightness as well as off.”

There’re plenty of things to make you reconsider getting this sight. I’ll start with the fact that it gets dirty very fast. It’s an open tubed sight so the dirt gets in it very easily and it takes a while to get it clean again. Another huge downside is that the thing gets glare…sometimes to a point when target completely disappear. It’s plastic and although I can’t really call it weak it won’t take too much abuse. It’s also pretty hard to adjust and calibrate. You have to be very patient with that. Yes it costs less than $30, but compare the ups and downs and make the math for yourself. It’s just not worthy. For $10 more you can get the Adco Sure Shot which again is not the best, but is certainly better than this one. Don’t waste money on it.


If money is not a problem, here’s another Adco Sight that may interest you. The E-Dot is so much better than the Champ Red Dot. For starters, it’s very durable. Don’t worry that it will break – it can take direct hits without any problems. Also there are many different settings of brightness which makes it so much easier when you’re playing in the dark or in broad daylight. The acquisition of target is extremely easy and fast. That’s mainly because the size of the optics and the fact that you can use both eyes to lock on. The sight is great on battery and it will last you for a long time. The thing is very easy to zero and it won’t take you long to center it perfectly. See the provided info about it:

“This e-dot sight uses the same technology employed by fighter aircraft to achieve fast target acquisition. The 30 mm compact Model (ECB, shown) is a versatile sight for a variety of shooting sports. It fits 3/8 inch or 7/8 inch mounts. Its compact design provides an even greater field of view than other 30 mm sights.”

This is a great choice of sight, but as I already said it will cost you. Prices can vary quite a bit depending on the place you’re getting the thing. You can find it as cheap as $70 or as pricy as $120, so make sure you’ve checked at least two places before making a purchase. Some other things you may not like about it, is that it tends to be kinda bulky (but since you get a great field of view I think that’s worth ignoring. The thing may also be kinda hard to mount…but once you do it you’ll be fine. Those are the only downsides I can think of. It really is a great sight and I’m sure you’ll like it if you decide to get it. Yet again we wan you – check several places before you buy it because of the big price difference.


Sights are an optional feature that not everybody likes, but for those who do and who are looking for ones, we’ll give you some of the newest, the best and the cheapest options. Also we’ll warn you about the not so worthy ones so make sure you read as many reviews as possible.
Many of you know that sights are not so useful when it comes to speedball, but for recball or scenerio games they may help a lot. The first sight we’ll talk about is the Adco Champ Red Dot Sight. This sure isn’t the best choice you can make, but considering the price I think it deserves some attention. The sight costs only about $30 and is has some good qualities. Like the fact that it is very durable. It’s made of plastic, but still it won’t break easily. Another good thing is the ability to change the brightness of the dot so even if you’re playing at a very bright light you can still clearly see the dot. Also the sight is very easy to zero and it won’t need much tweaking after that. Speaking of tweaking it has a thumbwheel that makes the elevation adjustment no problem. It’s really a nice sight. See the tiny bit of info about it:

“It is lightweight sight with a durable poly body and strong metal mounting clamps.”

It’s a cheap sight, so you have to expect some downsides. The most serious ones are it being a little wobbly when you attach it to your marker or it can even slide out of place during a game. You just have to make sure it’s secured enough. Also there’s no power-saving circuitry, so battery will eventually die if the sight is accidentally left on. It’s also not the most battery saving thing. It’s kinda hard to clean, too. If it takes a direct hit pain can even get between the lenses…then it gets almost impossible to clean. The last thing some of you may not like is that it only comes in one color and that is blue. It would be so much better if it was black…but it’s blue so deal with it. For $30 you can’t really ask for more. If you can’t afford something more expensive – this is a good option.


I’m not too familiar with the White Wolf Airsmithing Justice Barrel, but of what I hear it is an excellent alternative to the Smart Parts barrels when using freak inserts. You know what the deal with the inserts is – you get great versatility when it comes to bore sizes. What’s great about this barrel is that it is one piece. Usually with two piece barrels, when you’re unscrewing them the front will come unscrewed from the back and then you’ll be stuck with the back still on the marker. That’s obviously not a problem when you have a one piece barrel. Or there are players that just don’t like two piece barrels, that’s when this one comes in handy, too. The thing is just as accurate as a Smart Parts barrel, only it comes at nearly half their price. It is pretty light and quiet too and I think you’re gonna like it. Here’s the given information about it:

“One piece barrel that accepts Freak inserts. Threaded for Autococker and Spyders.”

On the downside – it’s a one piece barrel and you don’t have the option to change lengths. Also, if a break happen, this barrel is kinda hard to clean. Somehow the paint gets stuck in it and is hard to take out. Strangely this doesn’t affect the curacy too much. Just keep shooting. It’s a good barrel and for the price of only about $45 I think it’s a pretty good deal too. If you can’t afford any of the more expensive barrels go for this one. You won’t regret it.


Whoever owns this barrel kit will tell you that it’s nothing but great. For those of you who don’t like one piece barrel – this is not the kit for you, but for those on the opposite opinion – keep reading. What you’ll get if you choose this kit are 3 one piece barrels with the most common bore sizes. Some players complain that 3 bore sizes are not enough, but trust me it’s plenty. The barrels are extremely accurate, extremely light and quiet. And on top of that they look awesome. I won’t talk about breaking paint because it’s a barrel kit after all. If you’re breaking paint you’re not using the right bore. Anyway just for the sake of mentioning this is one of the easiest barrels to clean – just shoot through the break couple of times and you’ll be fine. The porting is slightly angled so it also cleans pretty easy after a break. Here’s some info and we’ll move on:

“The Lucky 15 Barrel Kit features three featherlight, one piece aluminum barrels; a .685 for small bore paint, .689 for medium bore paint, and .693 for large bore paint, at one affordable price.

Each barrel is 15 inches long, the perfect length for any player at any position. The barrels come in a stylish case, embossed with the Dark Series logo on the hard molded -plastic outer shell, which zips closed. Inside the case is a soft, cloth lining and three slots to hold each barrel.
Available in a wide variety of thread styles.”

All 3 barrels come in the same length – 15in. It’s somewhat unusual length, but in my opinion it’s just perfect. No more hesitation whether to get the 14in or 16 in – get the one in the middle. And for easy carrying you get a case that is just as good. Barrel kits are usually pricy, but this one comes at some very reasonable price – according to me anyway. You can find it for about $120, which for the quality you’re getting, is a pretty good deal. In the end it’s up to you, but I don’t think you’ll regret if you decide to buy this product.


I’m not too fond of the Viewloader VL Barrel. It has some qualities worth mentioning, but overall I suggest you look for something else. It somewhat nice looking, but of course that’s a matter of personal taste. Some people hate the shiny silver part as it gives out your position easily. The performance level is just ok – to be honest I’ve seen better performance from some of the cheaper barrels. It shoots straight and has pretty good range, but expect curves and drops from time to time. It’s pretty light, but not one of the quietest barrels out there. It tends to break paint a lot even if you match bore to paint correctly and once you break a ball be ready to squeegee or your next 10 shots will be just waste of paint. Here’s some info about it:

12″ Fluted And Ported Barrel Custom Clear Coated Anodized Aluminum The VL Barrel fits the VL Genesis, Brass Eagle Avenger, and Spyder Paintball Markers

Another thing we can put as a downside is the limitation of the length choice. You can get the thing in only 12in which for some is ok, but many people find it too short. Also it’s not the most durable barrel out there. It dents and scratches easily and you have to be extra careful with it to keep it in good condition. Prices vary. You can find the VL barrel in the range of $20 to $50. In my opinion – even $20 is too much for it. There’s so much choice out there – don’t waste money on this one.


The UPZ Gladius is one of the cheaper barrels on the barrel market. It costs only about $20, but is actually pretty good when it comes to performing. Sure, there are way better barrels out there, but for a price like that you can’t really expect the best. Let’s start with the looks – in my opinion it is one pretty good looking barrel. As far as I know you can get it in 12in and 14in and in over 20 different colors and designs. This is probably the biggest color choice you’ll ever get when looking for a barrel. As far as the performance go – it’s pretty accurate too. Also fairly quiet and pretty light. It’s not really paint picky, as long as you match bore to paint right. It’s a mid range bore so you won’t have problems finding paint for it. here’s some info about it and we’ll move on:

“This barrel is professionally designed & manufactured using only top quality machining techniques. Utilizing ultra light weight aluminum & an accuracy improving upgrade over your stock barrel.

These barrels come in over 20 different colors incljuding the Tribal design, two tone, and single color. The threads are available for Ion, Autococker, and Spyder Threaded Guns”

As I said you can’t really expect miracles from a $20 barrel, so don’t get frustrated if a ball breaks from time to time. Or some strange curves happen – it’s normal. And don’t expect to shoot through breaks – carry a squeegee by all means. Overall I can say this is one ok barrel. if you can spend more money on something better – do it. If you can’t, the Gladius is a pretty good choice.


Most of the same priced barrel systems I’ve reviewed so far have been very similar to each other – having pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages. Now it’s time for something different – the Longbow. What makes it different from the others is the so called Hardbore finish. All the other barrels on the market today are micro-horned (which is like sanding the inside of the barrel) this process leave small imperfections in the metal that eventually produce friction and hold paint so the barrel gets extremely hard to shoot completely clean. The Hardbore process leaves absolutely no imperfections in the metal. It also makes the bore stronger and resistant to scratches and wearing out, prolonging its life. So if until now we’ve talked about “accuracy” the Longbow takes that word to the next level. The barrel also self cleans extremely easy – you just shoot a couple of times through the break and it is back to being perfect. It’s also light and quiet – absolutely anything you’ll expect from a high end barrel. What follows is some information about the Longbow and I advise you go through it:

“The Longbow is a two piece interchangeable barrel system that has patent pending Hardbore Finish, the smoothest, hardest barrel finish available. Bases are made out of Titanium,Stainless Steel, And Aluminum, and currently come in .684, .687 & .690 bore sizes. Tips are 10″, 12″, 14″ & 16″ and come in a variety of colors.
•    Hardbore Finishing, a patent pending technology developed by Q&L Engineering, enables the Longbow to outperform other barrels. The Hardbore finishing technique leaves the bore up to 6 times smoother and 30% harder than even the best micro honed barrels.
•    A smoother finish allows more consistent velocity, better accuracy, less ball breakage and the ability to shoot clean significantly faster than other barrels.
•    The Hardbore finish leaves the metal case hardened so unlike plated or Teflon treated barrels the finish will never flake, chip, or wear off. It is the most durable bore of any barrel, resisting the fine scratches that accumulate over time and rob a barrel of performance.
•    The control bore is made of titanium. It is stronger than steel but nearly half the weight, making it an ideal material for use in the Longbow barrel.

The only downside of this barrel is its price. The entire system can get up to $240, which makes it one of the priciest barrels systems on the market for now. You can of course get one complete barrel for $80 and with the time get the rest of the backs, but the price will be just as high. If you can afford it though – this is as good as it gets in the world of barrels – go for it without any hesitation.