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Empire React 07 Paintball Pants


So much better looking than the Empire React 06 and even more upgraded than them – I don’t think there’s anything else to be desired from the Empire React 07. We are gonna talk about the Empire Contact 07 and 08 later on and compare differences, but for now let’s focus on those ones. They are really well padded as all paintball pants are expected to be. Even the knee padding (which if you remember the Dye review was a little weak in theirs) here is on top level. With those you can forget about the knee pads as you just won’t need them. The React 07 pants are very comfortable, too. They are a little bit baggier from the other pants out there and are quite stretchy so they feel really well. They are greatly vented and light weighted. But enough talking – check the features:
• Built in Slider Hip Pads! They aren’t just for Contact anymore!
• CB pad and waistband padding.
• Em-Flow Panel design. Air intake in the front and output in the rear. Heavy duty lilac mesh Construction
• EVA molded foam pad with mesh inserts and TPR logo.
• Wide hole belt loops! You asked for them we delivered!
• Airprene thigh protection
• 1680 Nylon Dura knee construction padded and pre-curved with dual density foam protection
• Cinch cord cuffs because we know not everybody is the same height
• We not only started the 4 way stretch panels above the knees but we have perfected it. These panels give so your pants don’t have to. The 2007 React pants are so flexible you could go rock climbing in these things!
• Colorfast sublimated polymesh panels
• TPR molded waist snap buckle
• Neoprene padded squeegee/pod pockets
So basically Empire and Dye are the two brands standing out in the crowd, but the Empire pants have this small advantage before the Dye – they tend to bounce balls sometimes. How “small” that advantage is depends on you. Another thing that differentiates the two brands, again in favor of Empire according to me, is that their pants’ pockets are zipped. Not a biggie, but still it’s important. So you can find the Empire React 07 in blue, black and red and for the price of $74.98. Not bad price at all if you ask me…for the quality you’re getting. So whether you’re an Empire fan or not those are pants worth considering. Differences with the other types of the same brand expect in the next review.

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