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Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun with Factory E-grip

Tippmann A-5 with factory e-grip

So that’s the factory upgraded version I was talking about…I’m not gonna repeat the whole review as it is totally useless – the gun is just the same except for the trigger. As I said the A-5 usually comes with standard trigger that is relatively heavy – getting around 4-6 bps and since this is definitely not enough for many players Tippmann have decided to put the A-5 with factory e-grip, meaning that with this modification the gun runs out to about 17 balls per second. It’s a pretty big difference. Here’s how the thing works: the E-Grip system uses an electronic control board to activate a selenoid. When activated, the selenoid disengages the sear, which in turn fires the marker. The System is powered by a concealed 9 Volt Battery (the only thing you have to remember is to make sure the battery is charged). Here’s the performance with the different fire modes:
Semi-Auto: Fires 1 shot for each trigger pull.
Auto-Response: Fires 1 shot for each trigger pull or release.
Full Auto: Fires repeatedly as long as the trigger is held.
3 Shot Burst: Fires 3 shots for each trigger pull.
Turbo: Fires 1 shot for every trigger pull, fires 1 shot for every trigger pull or release if the time between trigger pulls is less than .25 seconds.
With the upgrade already made the gun is priced for $279.00. It’s an 80 bucks difference but it gets the game quality way higher. So it’s all up to you. And if you wanna get the full package there’s a great suggestion for you: The Sniper Package. Check what it includes:
• Tippmann A5 Marker
• Cyclone Ammo Hopper
• A5 Flatline Barrel and Standard Barrel
• A5 Egrip with brand new WAS board
• Maddog Designz Double Trigger
• MadDog Tactical Stock 6 position Adjustable Stock
• Heavy Duty Coiled Remote Line Quick Disconnect
• JT Radar Goggles with Anti Fog Lens and Visor
• 20 oz CO2 Tank with pin valve
• Aluminum Thread Protector for Tank
• Maddog designz 6+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness
• 6 – 140 Round Heavy Duty Pods
• Premium Gold Cup 1oz Oil
• Heavy Duty Jerk Squeegee
• Allen Wrenches
• Standard Gun Oil
• Tippmann Barrel Condom
• 2 Cleaning Cables for Flatline and for Standard
• Operators Manual
It’s priced for $524.99 which is a pretty good deal because if you have to buy everything that’s included in it separately it is probably gonna cost you much more. So think about it.

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