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Ricochet 2K – Ricochet AK


We’ll go through the most popular Ricochet loaders available starting with the Ricochet AK. The AK loader is actually very efficient for what it is, as it feeds around 12 a second with a small +/- variable. It works only off of a 9 volt which makes it lighter than he other loaders of the same price. This hopper is pretty tough made and most people describe it as indestructible. Probably the best thing in it is that it uses flexible weedwacker paddles to move the balls. This is a good feature, because if there is a blockage, the paddles can bend with the balls and wont break them. Another specific thing is its shape. In my opinion it’s kinda ugly looking, but there’s a reason for that. It’s made this way so it can deflect hits. That’s not really the case though as the paint still breaks on it when hit. Still from time to time you can get a ball or two deflected. Here is the full list of features:

•    one button operation
•    low battery light
•    view window
•    deflection engineering
•    one way ball travel
•    12 BPS
•    agitates with every ball fired
•    one 9 volt battery
•    open lid lock.

It’s a good thing that the loader has an indicator light that tells you your battery is getting low. The battery life of the loader is about 5000 round which is not too bad for a single 9 v battery. We have to make a note that the newer Ricochets require you to sand down the neck to fit your marker. Be careful with that as it is possible to over sand it. What people don’t like about it is the lid position. Once you get used to loading it from the top, though you won’t have problems with it.  The capacity of the loader is about 170 balls and many people find that quantity insufficient. I think capacity of 170 balls is pretty good. Also keep in mind that less amount of paint reduces the weight, too. The AK is one pretty affordable loader. It costs around $45 which for the performance you’re getting is really nice price.

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