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I can’t really call the Aura a great marker, but it’s a good one and since it’s so affordable I think it deserves some attention. The marker costs about $170 and you know you can’t expect much of such a cheap gun. The Aura is surprisingly good though. It’s relatively small, pretty light and very efficient. It’s also pretty durable and can take a fair amount of beating. It makes a great beginner’s marker until you’re ready to move to something better. It sure needs some upgrades though, like new barrel and maybe new grips, but that’s about it. For that price I think the gun really deserves some attention. Check out the features:


* Low pressure valve system that allows the Aura to operate at 150 psi
* Low force spring is easy on paintballs and allows the use of more fragile paint
* Lower mass internals resulting in reduced recoil
* Self lubricating delrin bolt with quick release pin for easy removal. Unique design prevents the paintball from rolling back into the bolt
* Sealed breach prevents gas from escaping into the feed tube
* Break beam ball sensor is located low in the breach to ensure the paintball has dropped completely into the breach before firing
* Dual spring loaded ball detents
* Integrated adjustable pressure regulator with built in swivel mounting
* Low profile clamping feed neck that accomodates all loaders
* Handle frame is equipped with a universal mounting system that allows you to connect dovetail and 3/4 inch pitch bottomlines or drop forwards
* On/Off bottom line with purging feature for easy tank removal
* 12 inch ported barrel – Cocker threads
* High pressure macroline hose
* Operates on CO2, Nitrogen, or compressed air
* Adjustable trigger with magnetic return
* Made from high grade 6061 aluminum
* Comes with all hex keys needed to repair the Aura, and a spare parts kit
* Firing modes: Semi up to 25 bps, 3 shot burst at 10 bps, full auto at 10bps. Two ramping modes. NPPL and PSP firing modes with tournament lock switch
* Adjustable rate of fire
* Convenient display of mode, eye function, and alarms through LED panel on the rear of the grip frame
* Weight: 2.4 lbs.

As I said you can’t expect it to be the great – mind that the Aura is somewhat loud, it also has a pretty weird trigger and produces a minor kick. There’s no on/off button and to turn it off you’ll have to completely take the battery out. Also there are not too many upgrades available. And maybe the biggest thing that I should warn you about is for the asa. When you unscrew the asa, be careful not turn it too far out or it will shred the oring from the blast of air (no spare o-rings are coming with the gun). Still everyone would agree that for $170 those things can be ignored. If you’re just getting into the paintball game this is a good gun to start with.

Shockers have always been known as solid guns and this one’s no difference. The only difference I find with the other Shockers is its looks. And I don’t mean the body’s different or something, I’m talking about the engravings. Its custom made by Modify’d and it really is a piece of art. Other than that the gun is just the same – a good one – it’s small, fast, very durable, pretty accurate even with the stock barrel, efficient and most importantly reliable. Here’s the info provided:

“The field proven performance of the Shocker NXT, with its minimal weight, compact size, sizzling rate of fire and simple maintenance has accompanied some of the world’s best professional paintball teams to the winner’s podium.


Custom laser engraving by Modify’d”

It’s not a cheap marker and everyone knows that, what shocked me though is the difference in the price depending on the place that sells it. The gun’s price varies from $580 to $900, which is a huge difference. I have no idea what’s causing that, but I guess you should be careful where you’re getting your markers from. Make sure to check out as many options as possible. As to the marker itself it sure deserves getting.

The Droid is MACDev new project after the quite successful (in my opinion) Cyborg. The Droid is newer of course and better but overall not that much different that the Cyborg. It’s a tad thinner, but you probably won’t even notice it. It feels great though with some very comfortable grips. It’s beautifully made and has a nice, clean and smooth milling. It’s light, very fast and extremely effective. Overall a great, reliable gun that I’m sure you’ll like very much. Check out the info that comes with it:

Project D is a new gun designed and manufactured by MacDev, we have named it Droid. This new gun is not a Cyborg, and it is not intended to replace the Cyborg. The Cyborg and Droid will both be available, and the Cyborg has a very bright future, with a new model set for release in 2008.

The Droid will be set in the high end bracket, with a retail price of over $US1,000, it will be an alternative option to players who want to have a high quality and high performance single tube paintball marker.

The details.

The Droid is designed to breathe new life into the single tube gun market. MacDev designers have made some very interesting innovations that are designed to increase the reliability and efficiency which is always lacking in conventional spool designs. These innovations have led to significant reliability and efficiency advantages, and patents will be granted for them soon.

The Droid features lightweight construction, extensive 3D surface milling and a small, comfortable playing profile.”

The only complaint about this gun is that it chops paint from time to time, something weird for a high end marker. This has its explanation of course, and an easy solution in that matter. If your Droid is chopping paint, simply check your loader to see if you can lower its force settings so that it doesn’t put too much tension on the stack. This should fix things right away. As to the price it’s about $1000 which in my opinion is perfectly deserved. The Droid is a good marker and if you like what you’ve read and can afford it you should absolutely go for it.

Yet another pretty expensive marker – the Traitor Shocker 2007. It’s overall a pretty good gun, but nothing too special if you ask me. I personally wouldn’t pay $1300 for it. The difference between this one and the 06 model isn’t really that big. Some modifications and that’s all. Yes the marker’s fast, it looks nice and is easy to maintain, but aren’t they all these days. For me the biggest downside is the Traitor shocker’s weight. It’s pretty heavy and if you’re like me and like light guns you should definitely look for something else. Also the thing can be a real gas hog if it’s not set right so make sure you have that covered before you go on the field. And again the trigger isn’t the best one I’ve tried. If you like it – good for you, I personally think it needs changing. Here’s the provided info:

“The second edition of the Traitor Series Shocker remains true to the legacy left behind by the original.


New for 2007 break beam eye technology
Low pressure operation
HE Bolt standard
Standard Hybrid threaded barrel port
Redesigned stronger feedneck threads
Dual ball detents
Integrated dovetail for bottomline attachment
Multipoint adjustable trigger
Updated inline HPR regulator
Lightweight compact design
Electropneumatic operation powered by a single 9v battery”

Sp once again – I don’t think the marker deserves the price tag it’s given. For that kind of money you can get something far better. look around – it’s not like you don’t have plenty of choice.

The Traitor Mummy has a price tag that puts it in-between the most expensive markers out there and just because of that I expected so much more from it. Of course it has its advantages – it’s very fast, light, nicely balanced, looks great and is pretty efficient, but still those don’t make it any more exclusive than the other markers out there. If you’re gonna invest so much money into a marker you expect it to be flawless. The Traitor Mummy isn’t. Even the 4 Eyes don’t make it better but quite the opposite. Go through the provided info and we’ll move on:

“New from Bob Long and Hybrid Technology is the Hybrid Mummy. The Mummy is a Bob Long gun based off the Marq6/Onyx design with a lot of Hybrid’s tweaks to squeeze every ounce of performance out of this gun.

New Bob Long Design Completely Different than the Intimidator designs.
New Streamlined Inline Popped Design (completely different than a Shocker Design)
Custom Hybrid HedLok Clamp
Custom Hybrid Milling
Custom Hybrid Trigger
Custom Hybrid Push Button On/Off
Custom Hyrid ergonomic grip frame.
Custom Hybrid HE Bolt
Super Lightweight: 2.1 lbs
4 Eyes Yes thats right 4 eyes (2 Pair) INSTALLED
Can Work with 1 set of eyes or both sets of eyes
26+ BPS with 4 Eyes On.
Swivel top regulator
1400 Shots Per 68/4500 Estimated
Custom 2007 Hybrid Skull Grips White
O-ring and LP Hose Parts Kit Included.
Bottomline Kit Installed.
O-ring Kit
White and Black Macro line
Quick Start Instructions”

There are several things that I can point out as disappointment.  First of the trigger isn’t that great. It feels a bit uncomfortable and in my opinion you’ll want to change it right away. The eyes are the other problem. The eye cover screws are very small and you’ll need a tiny wrench in order to take them out and clean them. It’s a pain and takes quite some time. On top of that be warned that crappy paint can cause breaks. I know some won’t agree with me and will think I overreact, but no matter how small those flaws are, for $1400 they shouldn’t even be there. If you’re about to spend that much money you deserve a better gun. Go for anything else, but this one.

The new DM9 is here and of course it’s better than its predecessors. Although it looks the same as DM8 it’s actually a little bit smaller. It has a new trigger (you can adjust it in many ways), new ball detents and new board. It’s also a little bit better when it comes to air efficiency and has absolutely no kick. I know it’s not much change, but considering how great the DM8 is I think that’s plenty. So here’s my personal opinion – if you’re on the market for a new gun and you have the money to spend definitely go for the DM9 before the previous versions. Still if you own a DM8, DM7 or heck even the DM6 don’t bother upgrading. The + money you’ll spend are just not worthy. Here are the details:


With a host of new features, updates, and refinements, it continues the tradition of being one of the lightest, smallest, fastest and certainly the most accurate of paintball markers in the world.


•    The lightest DM Yet
•    Redesigned Smaller Body
•    New One Piece Eye Covers (Patent Pending)
•    DYE Ultralite Barrel As Standard
•    Hyper3 Reg
•    Low Operating Pressure, reducing Kick and Choppin
•    Internal Eye Sensor, No Eye Plates Needed
•    Hour glass UL Frame with Reach Trigger
•    Six New colors
•    Improved one-piece Fuse bolt
•    No Eye plates
•    New durable and super-flexible detents
•    Miniature modular internal LPR
•    Fully adjustable reach trigger
•    PSP, NPPL, Millennium, and NXL tournament legal software
•    Weighing in at 1lb-15oz the DM9 is 3oz lighter then it’s predecessor the DM8
•    New 3D body styling
•    Ergonomic Ultralight .45 grip frame
•    Ultralite Sticky3 grip
•    Two piece Dye 14″ Ultralite barrel
•    No rise lever lock clamping feedneck
•    Cast aluminum inset dye logo
•    Hyper3 reg
•    Super low operating pressure
•    On/off ASA

Of course there won’t be a negative paragraph here – the gun is near perfect. I just wonder what they’ll come up with next…it’s a challenge topping this gun.  And if the price of near $1350 doesn’t scare you go for it without any hesitation. There’s no way you’ll regret that decision.

So if you really want the best of the best when it comes to paintball markers and you have the money to spend on it – get the Luxe. It just doesn’t get any better than that, trust me. I won’t even bother pointing out the advantages of this marker over the other ones on the market. It just outclasses them all…in everything…it even talks to you, for crying out loud (it has a voice menu, for those who think I’m going crazy). Do I need to say more? Anyway, here’s the featured info (quite a piece if you ask me) so get through it and we’ll move on:

“New design and distribution philosophy to bring forth technological advancements in professional level paintball marker.

March 29, 2008 DLX Technology is proud to announce the tournament debut of the Luxe professional tournament paintball marker at the 2008 NPPL Super-7 World Series tournament in Huntington Beach, California, March 28-30, 2008. Some of the best professional paintball players in the world will gain an edge with the ultimate luxury paintball marker.

“We knew making a product that would take things to the next level required a whole new approach” said DLX Technology director Darryl Trent. “This allows us to redefine everything involved with the marker from concept and design to how it is built, how it arrives in the customer’s hands, and even how the player is taken care of afterwards. We began this journey over two years ago, and I am excited to see the results in action.”

Under the leadership of the DLX Technology group, the combined efforts of designers, pneumatic, mechanical, manufacturing and software engineers, multimedia developers, linguistic specialists, professional paintball players and leading paintball field and store operators have culminated in the development of the ultimate luxury paintball marker – a synchronization of style, raw performance and unparalleled customer support.

Design of the Luxe started with a clean slate by championship winning pro players from the NXL and NPPL defining their needs, especially those that were not met by today’s markers. Speed, consistency, accuracy, gentle handling of brittle paint and a compact form factor were given, but the missing elements were not so obvious – speed of maintenance and ease of configuration. In today’s paintball tournaments every second in the staging area between points or best 2 out of 3 matches is critical, and that is where current paintball technology has fallen short – until now.

The valve and air handling systems of the Luxe eliminate common failure points and provide for full cleaning and lubrication of the bolt, valve, ball detents and anti-chop components in seconds, without tools. “It really is unbelievable,” said Rocky Knuth, a professional player and owner of the Seattle Naughty Dogs, who has had the opportunity to rigorously test Luxe prototypes for several months. “I can have the entire bolt and valve assembly out of the Luxe as fast as I can pop open a can of soda.”

Luxe innovations go well beyond the physical. The Luxe has been endowed with new means of communication. Although it has all of the programming flexibility serious tournament paintball players have come to expect, it has done away with the complexity. Memorization of beep and blink codes or carrying a manual to decipher them is unnecessary.

Features are not the only aspect to set the Luxe apart. From the ground up, its high-performance alloy parts are machined in the United States, by American workers using the most advanced manufacturing processes available, a rarity in today’s paintball industry. The Luxe does not roll off of an assembly line. Instead each is hand built, tested and adjusted one at a time at DLX Technology by a Certified Luxe Technician, who is also an experienced professional paintball player with the background to know by feel when a marker is in top form.

Much like a luxury car, the Luxe is not a mail-order product. Luxe markers will be available only through Luxe Certified Dealers who have the staff and training to provide a top-quality customer experience and post-sale technical support.

Developed as a focused high-end design and manufacturing group owned by paintball industry leader Smart Parts, Inc., DLX Technology is dedicated to melding cutting edge technology with solid tournament performance to build the ultimate luxury paintball marker.

There’s no need of a “disadvantages” section this time (this really is a flawless marker). So let me just once again point out that you can’t make a better choice than this one. Not for now anyway. The price – $1500 – is the only setback (for many), but even that can be a good thing. If you have that kind of money to spend on a marker – do it on this one. There’s just nothing else out there deserving a price tag like that more than the Luxe.

Here comes the next Dangerous Power “must definitely consider” marker. I know I’m making it harder on you with those “all good and no disadvantages” reviews, but I just can’t call the white black. The Threshold is yet another great marker with its sexy looks and amazing performance. Not to mention at an incredible price for the quality you’re getting. The thing costs about $550, but can easily cost over $1000 and I would still say it deserves them. It’s small, light and easy to maneuver. It’s fast, accurate, consistent, and very reliable and has little to no kick. It also comes in a package with everything you need: macroline, RAPS on/off, barrel-bag, o-rings, and even a small allen wrench set. The trigger is also great. It was something I pointed out as a downside for the G3, but here it has a very responsive, snappy feel and I’m sure you’ll like it. So before the few downsides check out the featured info:

“The Dangerous Power Threshold was never meant to be released to the public. Our engineers and design team had a bit of a clash when it came to the aesthetics of the new marker. Leaning towards clean lines, where function is hailed above form, the chief engineers of the project commented that the milling was too wild, and far too excessive. Cost was another prohibitive factor. 20 tools utilizing the latest 3D software, running 24 hours per day to produce only 7 bodies!”

“Weighing in at just 35.2oz (2.2lbs), which includes the full two piece barrel, feed neck, ASA, and battery, the Threshold consists of only 2 parts and 6 easily accessible O-rings in the entire operation. Based off of a dump valve system and a custom, in-house designed 3-way solenoid, the Threshold boasts excellent efficiency numbers.”

The biggest downside for me is the dip-switches. I find them very irritating. And if you’re one of the people who switch modes often, you’ll feel the same way. Another thing is the grips – they’re not the most comfortable and my advice is to get some new ones. And that’s about it. Let me once again mention the price – $550. So if you’re lucky enough to find a Threshold available (they’re pretty limited) I say don’t hesitate a moment and go for it right away.

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the $300 price tag on the DP G3 marker so I won’t judge, if you felt the same, but let me tell you – this thing does a great job out there on the field. I won’t claim it’s the best marker out there, but you sure won’t regret if you’ve decided to buy it. The Dangerous Power have a reputation of making great products and with the G3 they once again stood up for it. The marker impresses not only with its looks, size and weight, but also with its performance. It’s amazingly fast, reliable, efficient, accurate and pretty much everything you’ll expect from a marker. Another thing worth mentioning is its ease of maintenance – seriously, this is probably the simplest marker I’ve ever seen when it comes to cleaning. All you have to do is remove one screw and the back cap to gain access to the bolt, which has a total of only 4 o-rings. The fewer the better, right. So before we go on here’s the given info about it if you’re interested:

“The new 2008 Dangerous Power G3 paintball marker weighing in at only 1.86lbs (fully equipped with the patented clamping feedneck, barrel and patented flip lever ASA) DP’s latest creation may be the world’s smallest and lightest paintball marker in existence!!!
Derived from the highly successful and limited production Threshold painball marker, the G3 benefiting from having only six o-rings in it’s entire operation based upon two precision crafted parts by turning one screw; the user can access the entire bolt assembly for easy maintenance and service. The new G3 utilizes a .45 grip frame for easy customization and comes standard with Dangerour Power’s highly acclaimed flip lever ASA (RAPS) and ultra low rise clamping feedneck.

G3 (black, blue, red)
weight: 1.86 lbs
length: 19.5 inches
height: 7.84 inches
operation pressure: 180psi
firing modes:

So you’re thinking – ok, we got to the good part where the illusion comes to an end, because no $300 marker can be perfect, right? Well, I already told you it isn’t, it’s pretty close though. I mean, for this price range the few upgrades the marker needs shouldn’t even count as downsides. So first of you may want to change is the reg. The thing’s really inconsistent which can be pretty irritating. The other thing is the trigger. Some people like it, but there are much better ones out there. In the end there are the grips – they’re not the most comfortable and can get slippery when wet, so just get another ones. And that’s it. But seriously – for $300…who cares. Get the G3 without any hesitation if it already caught your eye. You just won’t regret it.

The first thing you’ll notice with the Dangerous Power F8 Fusion is its perfect milling. Not one mill mark, scratch or dimple. It’s absolutely flawless down to the smallest detail. It’s a beautiful gun and I don’t think anyone will dare to disagree with that. The marker is sleek, small and very well designed. It’s also extremely light but of what I hear very durable. It performs just as well as it looks. It’s fast, quiet, consistent, air efficient and accurate. I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything wrong with it. Check out the given specifications:

* Weighs 1.89 lbs.
* Length-19 inches and only 7 inches tall
* 200 psi operating pressure
* Same great efficiency as the Fusion
* No more LPR
* Comes with RAPS on/off
* Lower profile, patented xtreme grip feedneck
* Redesigned bolt
* Redesigned HPR
* Redesigned solenoid for reliability and adjustability

So can it really be flawless? Obviously it can. I honestly can’t find anything worth mentioning as a downside. I can recommend an upgrade if you insist – the stock barrel (a pretty good one btw) is .690 and if you don’t like that bore size you may switch to something else. And that’s it. Everything else is just great and if you decide to change it it’s only gonna be because of personal preferences. As to the price – I was somewhat surprised to see a $450 price tag on it. Why? Because the F8 Fusion can easily compete with some of the most expensive guns out there. Don’t hesitate too much on getting it. It’s definitely worthy.

Mil Sim guns are certainly not my favorite, but that doesn’t mean I won’t review them. Not to mention that the new BT TM-7 gets some pretty good reports. I won’t say it’s the best choice out there, but it certainly has some strong features worth mentioning. If you’re interested, keep reading. Mil Sim guns are usually bigger and heavier, but not this one. The BT-7 is actually pretty compact and surprisingly light. What I like the most though is that there are no airlines to get in your way. It’s designed very smart and looks nice and sharp. And if the looks aren’t a problem for you I think you should absolutely put this in your “must consider” list, because the performance won’t disappoint you. The marker is very reliable and has a great rate of fire. It’s very efficient and consistent. It’s also pretty accurate and has almost no kick. I’m sure you’ll like it. Here are the details about it:

“The BT TM-7 utilizes Mini Technology to inflict maximum force from a marker of minimal size. Don’t be fooled by the size of the TM-7’s exterior; it can hang with the big boys and is by no means a lightweight. Once you hold one and pull the trigger, you won’t want to put it down. Its lightweight, yet durable construction is perfect for close quarters or long-range combat. This is the marker that just may have people rethink the way they looked at Mil-Sim paintball markers.

Mini Technology Inside
Shift-On-The-Fly, 4-Position Mode Switch
Multiple, Extensive Firing Modes Including Semi/Burst/Full-Auto
Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow For Extra Accessories
Adjustable, Multi-Position Stock
Collapsible/Adjustable Front Grip
Low Pressure Operation
No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation
Additional Modes: NPPL/PSP/NXL/Millennium
Universal Mini Style Barrel Threads”

There are some downsides worth mentioning as well. Although I like the foldable front grip design he grip itself feels a bit wobbly and somewhat fragile. It’s comfortable though and if you’re careful I don’t believe you’ll have problems with it. Also I’m not so convinced about the durability of the marker. Being so light it almost feels fragile and even though I haven’t heard of any problems on the matter my advice is to be gentle with it. Other than that the BT-7 is a great buy. And I’m sure you’ll like the price as well. Depending on the place you’re getting it you can find the thing as low as $390 or as high as $480, so be sure to check out different places before you make your final choice.

Here’s another Bob Long marker to talk big about. The Vice is one of the newer Bob Long editions and even though I thought these markers can’t get any better I’m proved wrong again. The Vise is not only extremely near the ultimate marker it also comes at very affordable price. You can get it for about $750, which in my opinion is like half the price tag it should have if we compare its performance to some of the similar performing markers out on the market (it’s a bit weird of a sentence, meaning that the Vice is just as good as any of the $1500 markers out there). It’s extremely fast, consistent, very accurate, light, easy to clean and durable. I don’t know what else is there to want from a marker. Check out the specifications:

Bob Long’s 2008, Generation 5 Intimidator.

*Generation 5 Intimidator
*Electro-pneumatic. Open bolt. Stack tube poppet valve.
*Barrel Thread Type: Autococker
*Included Barrel: Bob Long 14in One-piece Tournament Series
*Included ASA: Xpress Mount Standard
*Intended Propellant: Compressed Air or Nitrogen Only!
*Intended Propulsion Speed: 230-300FPS (feet per second)
*Inline Regulator Pressure: 210-230psi
*LPR Pressure: 65-75psi
*Estimated Shot Count: 2000+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
*Motherboard: Tadao Ryujin
*4C Eye Compatible: Yes
*4C Eye Equipped: No
*Estimated Rate of Fire: 26+BPS (4C Eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
*Trigger Activation: Micro switch
*Trigger Return: Spring assist
*Trigger Adjustment: Pre-travel and post-travel
*Weight Without Barrel: 1 lb. 13.2oz

The only things people are wining about is that it comes with no manual (which you can download from the net), no tools and no lube. Sounds like a huge problem to you? It’s a great gun and if you’re on a search for a new marker it should definitely make your top 5 choices. For the money it comes it’s a total bargain.

They just keep making the process of choosing the best marker harder and harder. There are so many great markers out there…how are you supposed to choose just one. I don’t know…I’m definitely confused. Luckily my part in the equation is to give you the review and then let you decide on your own, which marker you want to get. So here’s the next great one – the Bob Long Ripper 3 2007. It’s one of the newer markers out there so it’s filled with all the latest and greatest upgrades. Out of the box it requires very few changes and to be honest most of them are a matter of personal preference and will have minimal effects on the performance of the marker. If you ask me, it’s just great as it is. As expected the Ripper 3 is no difference to the other Bob Long markets – it’s fast, it’s accurate and it sure it efficient. I’m kinda sick of repeating it, but it’s again, flawless. And let’s not forget the great looks in addition to the great performance. It’s a must have if you’re looking for the best out there. And now it’s time for the features:

“Classic original Ripper milling in the new Gen4 format!

The ALL NEW Ripper3 model has been rebuilt from the ground up. This gun is a great improvement on what is an already legendary line of guns. .
FASTER – shorter bolt length has improved the cycle time.
COMPACT – 1.5 inches shorter than the Alias and other 2005 models.
LIGHTER – 1.6 pounds (without a reg or barrel, which is 8 ounces lighter than the Alias).
STYLE – New look to the LPR system and milling to go with the new internals.
COLOR – Variety of colors in the new hard wearing “dust” finish.

New features include:

1. Reduced Force Valve
2. 2006 Boards
3. Most compact, lightweight Intimidators ever!
4. Integrated ram sleeve and cap – make “bumpers” obsolete
5. Super Low-Rise Feedneck
6. Improved Ergonomics
7. Dove Tail Rail
8. Bearing Trigger
9. Pressure Guage

Ripper3 Specs:

Caliber: 68
Action: Electro-Pneumatic
Air Source: Compressed Air/Nitrogen
Battery Type: 9-Volt Battery
Cycle Rate: 25bps Capped and/or Unlimited
Firing Modes: Semi Auto only
Board; Frenzy LCD
Effective Range: 150+ feet
Weight:1.40 lbs
length: 19.1 inches

There’s a downside to this one though – it requires some more effort in the maintenance…nothing too major…you’ll just need to spend some more time cleaning and prepping it. Anyway, the price is again very fair – depending on the place you’re getting the thing from, it’s gonna cost you $550-$600. It’s a small price to pay for the quality you’re getting. Think about it, compare and then decide. I can’t help you more than that. Bob Long markers are all amazing and I don’t think you’ll be making a mistake, no matter which one you chose.

I don’t know why the Protégé is less expensive than the other Bob Long guns. It is just as good and as beautiful. If you’re used to determining the quality based on the price you’ll be so wrong this time. Seriously, I can’t find anything wrong with this marker. It is extremely light, extremely fast and very quiet. Even stock it can outperform many of the other pricier markers out there. When you get it, air it up and you’re ready to go. You’ll get amazing results. Both high pressure, and low pressure regulators are very consistent providing amazing efficiency. They’re also very easy to maintain, as is the entire marker btw. Check out the specification and we’ll move on:


– Electro-pneumatic. Open bolt. Stack tube poppet valve
– No more front mounting block for Gen 5 intimidators
– Inline regulator receptacle has been combined with the grip frame to further simplify the new platform
– Primary air chamber has been incorporated into the forward grip frame region to create the correct volume needed
– Grip frame has shed its clamshell roots to favor a thinner, lighter, less complex design
– Marq Series compatible motherboard and grip panel mounting points
– Gen 5 solenoids are now rigid mounted sporting a manifold configuration for ease of maintenance coupled with enhanced flow characteristics
– Redesigned ram sleeve which doubles as a rigid stop and aids in controlling poppet valve open time
– Slimmer LPR features a new thread less mounting design which more aesthetically completes the front of the Gen 5 models
– Simple collet style clamping feed neck for quick tool less hopper swaps
– Marq inspired spring driven linear travel design ball detents
– Bob Long 12 inch one piece assassin barrel – cocker threads
– Xpress mount standard ASA
– Compressed air or Nitrogen only!
– Inline regulator pressure – 210-230psi
– LPR pressure – 65-75psi
– Estimated shot count – 2000+ shots (factory settings using 68ci 4500psi air source)
– Frenzy 3.0 board
– 4C eye compatible
– Estimated Rate of fire – 26+ bps (4C eye upgrade with board set in ramping mode)
– Trigger activation – micro switch
– Trigger return – spring assist
– Weight without barrel: 2 lbs. 3 oz.

Impressed? I am. And just for the sake of mentioning, the Protégé board comes with all the basics, which comply with the standards of rec ballers, as well as tournament ballers. It has Cycle Delay, Debounce, ROF Cap, Semi Auto, PSP Ramping, PSP 3 Shot, NXL Full auto, and dwell settings. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I can’t find a single flaw in this marker. So let’s move to the other good news. The marker will cost you only about $550. I mean, really, what more can you ask for.

If you want a truly flawless marker, you may want to check this one out. For real, if anyone can find a downside to this gun I’ll be more than surprised. Yes, you’ll have to pay some more money for it, but the thing is worth every penny and more, if you ask me. The price is about $900 and for the quality you’re getting it feels like a present. The gun is amazing performance-wise. It’s one of the fastest gun I’ve seen, it’s also accurate (the stock barrel is great), light and very durable. It’s very comfortable and easy to maintain. Unlike the Marq 6 the trigger set up here is absolutely perfect. It’s efficient, quiet and great looking. What more do you want? Check out some specifications:

•    Inline poppet valve design. (Not a spool valve)
•    Internal LPR design.
•    Manifold mounted solenoid.
•    Thin ergonomic grip frame.
•    Lightweight
•    4 eye operation. ( 30 bps can be achieved )
•    No rise wedge feedneck.
•    Swivel top regulator. ( fitting can be rotated to any position )
•    2 piece tournament barrel with 1 extra bore guide.
•    Musashi 8 Tadao board.
•    Cam drive on/off
•    Delrin pillow bolt with quick disconnect hammer assembly.

There’s really nothing to be put as a downside, I promise. I usually try to find some flaw as I don’t believe in perfect things, but this time I have nothing. Even the $900 price is worth ignoring. You should try the thing out, if you don’t want to trust me. But I promise you once you try it out you’ll fall for it instantly. If you have that kind of money to spend on a gun, without any hesitation, do it for this one. It really is flawless.

The Marq 6 is now priced at about $600, but if you’re asked to pay double that price, this marker would still be a great deal. It may not be one of the newest models out there, but performance-wise it stands right next to them. To start with – the gun looks awesome. It’s sleek, compact, and unique – you just won’t stay unnoticed with it. It’s also extremely fast, accurate and reliable. It feels good when you hold it and is pretty durable so you don’t need to worry about accidental hits or drops. The thing is quiet and very efficient. I think you’ll like the stock board it comes with – it’s not perfect, but it has all the modes you’ll need for a tournament. The stock reg is not so bad either. It’s really a marker you’ll be happy with and you won’t regret choosing it. Here are some details about it:

1. Inline poppet valve design. (Not a spool valve)
2. Internal LPR design
3. Manifold mounted solenoid. (No hoses)
4. Thin ergonomic grip frame.
5. Lightweight.
6. 4 eye operation compatible. (30 bps can be achieved with 4 eyes. 4 eye system sold as an upgrade)
7. No rise wedge feed.
8. Swivel top regulator. (Fitting can be rotated to any position)

It sure has some things you might want to upgrade, like the stock trigger for instance. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s not the best performing one either. It’s a bit firm and difficult to walk. It’s something you can easily fix though – just get a different trigger. Another thing I don’t like is that the Marq 6 is not the most adjustable gun. It’s not that you need to adjust many things, but still doesn’t hurt to have the opportunity to do it. And then comes the weight – with all the high-end markers now being light as a feather, you can certainly sense the difference with the Marq 6. And even though the weight is distributed evenly and the gun feels pretty comfortable, you can still feel the weight. The marker’s not flawless, but as I said earlier, for the price you can get it right now, it’s a great, great deal. Take advantage of it and don’t hesitate too much over it. You’ll like the thing and I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.

Even though it’s an older model the Bob Long Empire Intimidator keeps its high market price. It’s a great marker no argue here, but is it worth in comparison to all the newer and upgraded guns out there? Let’s find out. There are plenty of upsides worth mentioning about this gun. It’s very, very light, but at the same time perfectly balanced; it’s extremely fast (you can get up to 23 bps), it’s very efficient and consistent, reliable, accurate and wow it’s beautiful. It is everything you can possibly desire form a marker, but aren’t all high-end expensive markers just that? Check out the characteristics and maybe when we point out the downsides we can figure out if it’s better:

“The premier marker in paintball! Designed and built by Bob Long, a legend in the sport of competitive paintball. He sets strict build standards to insure the Empire Intimidator is one of the fastest and most accurate markers in the game. Extruded aircraft-grade aluminum bodies keep the Intimidator light and streamlined. Some of the most highly advanced circuit boards and sealed memory chips make up the Intimidator’s internals, combined with a friction reducing micro switch trigger system, this marker is capable of over 20 BPS.

* Used by Bob Long’s Oakland Assassins/Oakland Empire!
* 1.5″ shorter than the Intimidator Alias Marker and other 2005 models
* 1.6 pounds (without a reg or barrel) which is 8 ounces lighter than the Alias
* FASTER – shorter bolt length has improved cycle time
* Completely new Ram and Poppet system – allows marker to operate at even lower pressures, virtually eliminating kick by using less force to move the ball. Lower pressure and lighter ram.
* New look to the LPR system.
* Completely new ram bumper system. Ram cap now encloses the sleeve by threading onto it, verses into it like before
* Grip features an integrated rail system
* Accepts the same board and solenoid as existing intimidators
* Added functions on the LCD, including the option to modify your ramp starts and caps and multiple modes to meet various league standards
* Custom 14 inch barrel insures marksman’s accuracy”

This sure is one beautifully looking gun, but the execution is really not that perfect. Maybe not all, but some of the markers have very sharp milling on the edges and if you’re not careful with that (or sand it down) you can easily cut yourself. That’s really not how a $1200 marker should be. Also I have some reservations for the stock barrel. It is good, but if you chop a ball (happens) the next balls will definitely swerve (so you may want to upgrade). Also make sure you lube everything up before you go out and play… it just makes the gun run smoother. Nothing too serious on the downside, right, but still $1200…there are far better markers for a price like that out there…not to mention newer models.

The ANS Razor Ion is a pretty good gun at a very affordable price. It has the potential to be a great gun, but it needs some upgrades. What you get out of the box is a pretty well made marker, somewhat upgraded, very nice looking and ready to go if you’re and intermediate player or just starting up. It’s fairly light (not the lightest), consistent and air efficient. Overall, an OK marker. Now to make it better and compatible with some of the expensive high-end markers you’ll need to put some more money in it and do some upgrading, lucky for you there are plenty of upgrades available for this gun. You’ll certainly need a new reg, because the stock one is just horrible, you may want to change the barrel as well just to improve the accuracy a little bit more. The bps rate of the Razor is about 17 which is pretty good for a gun in this price range I think, but if you don’t like it you better think about new board. Check out the info about it and keep reading:

“The Razor Ion from ANS Xtreme Performance is the best and most affordable Ion on the market. Why spend hundreds of dollars upgrading your stock Ion when you can buy it all for one low price. The Razor Ion includes the 6 Ounce aluminum body, Roller Trigger, 90 degree frame, and QEV.”

Note that the Razor is a bit noisy; I’m not saying loud because it’s not loud, but there certainly are quieter guns out there. It’s also not the lightest, but for $400 I think you’re getting a pretty good deal. I’ve seen a lot worse on higher prices. Try the Razor if you get the chance you may as well like it. Don’t jump on buying it right away though…there’re so many options out there, make sure you read about them too.

The easiest way to fall for the Alien Revelation is to try the thing. It sure isn’t the best looking gun out there, but boy can it perform. It’s made to be a champion with its WAS board and Dye barrel and it really is. It’s accurate as hell, very consistent, air efficient, fast, quiet and let’s not forget – light. It lacks nothing. People claim its bps rate is about 23 and although I’m not sure about it, I won’t be surprised if that’s true. The marker’s really something to consider. I’m pretty sure it will meet all your expectations. Here are some specifications and we’ll move on:

“”The “Offset Sealing Marker” – a bold differentiation instead of blind adherence, and a new advance in paintball markers.
“Sweep Valve”, “Sweet Spot Trigger Frame” super fast, low pressure, amazingly accurate, light yet rugged. This is the shortest, tightest playing electro pneumatic marker available and it has the fastest cycling time. WAS powered electro pneumatics with eye and LCD. CP regulator and barrel are included.
Available in Green, Blue, Red, Orange and Gold”

As I already said – not the best looking gun out there, but if you ask me I don’t even consider that a downside. It wouldn’t hurt to have a black color as option, but green, blue, red, orange and gold are not so bad either. The only real downside to this gun is its price. $895 is not something anyone can afford (which in some cases is a good thing, right). To be fair – the Revelation deserves this price tag, because you’re really getting something incredible, but if it was me I’d go for the Alien Interceptor…another great gun from the same company, just at way more acceptable price.

The 06 Alien Interceptor is also something you might want to check out. Although it’s not the newest technology the Interceptor is among the most accurate guns on the market. It’s a very simple made gun, but very effective. Its simplicity makes it one of the lightest guns out there so if the weight is a problem for you, you should definitely consider the Alien Interceptor. The marker is fast, accurate and gives you some great shooting distance.  The way it is designed helps prevent chopping and no matter the paint you won’t have any problems with that. It’s a beautiful, beautiful marker and I’m absolutely sure you’ll like it very much.

“Sweep Trajectory
The “Sweep Valve” and “Sweep Bolt” delivers air under and around the paintballs and offers you, the player, a new Pinnacle in paintball accuracy. Traditionally paintballs were driven, poked forward, by the air. Like pitching knuckle balls, paintballs catching a seam made inconsistent shots the norm. To make shots consistent paintballs need some inherent rotation, back-turn being the best rotation as it provides for the longest and straightest flight. The Sweep Air System accomplishes this by smoothing the air path for very low turbulence, then that calm air is released below centerline. The result is a ball with a slight gyroscopic back turn.

Independent Ram
The heart and soul of any marker is its loading and firing principle. The Interceptor and the Remains are the only guns that use a “modular” concept. Until Alien all ram guns put a round ram, with their four O-Rings, inside a big gun body with air passages cut into that gun body. Alien improved this design by combining the ram and manifold as one unit and then attaching that to the trigger frame and the (smaller) body.

Wicked Air Sportz
“The Rocket Scientists of Paintball” make our electronics and we feature the Equalizer Boards. Alien has one of the fastest cycle times we know of at a potential of over 30 cycles per second. Wicked Air Sportz eye system slows Alien’s light speed operation down to what a hopper can feed. Wicked Air Sportz the benchmark for paintball electronic excellence”

There are a few things that can be considered as downsides, but nothing too major to stop you from getting the marker. I don’t know if it’s even worth mentioning, but in the first batch of guns there was a manufacturer defect – the front block piece that slides into the body was a tad small and leaked. It will be a huge coincidence if you stumble on a gun like that, but if you do the defect is actually easily fixed – replace the current o-ring with one of a larger width. Another thing is that the grips are somewhat uncomfortable and you’ll probably want to replace them with better aftermarket ones. In the end – there are no alien specific upgrades, at least for now anyway. Hopefully that will change soon. The Interceptor is really a good gun to have and you won’t regret getting it. Its price is about $590 which is not so bad in my opinion. If you get the chance try it out, or just get it…it won’t be a bad move.