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SITE Inc. Stiffi Barrel


The Stiffi Barrel is one of the most popular barrels among the paintball players and everyone who has it, and I mean everyone, worships it. If you can afford to get it, Stiffi should definitely be in your top 3 barrel choices. The barrel is really amazing. It looks awesome and performs even better. First off the barrel is extremely light, yet it balances on the gun pretty well. You won’t believe the accuracy of this thing. I know most of the barrels are accurate, but Stiffi’s just amazing. As to the quiet level – this is one of the quietest barrels out there. It is tough made and you don’t need to worry about scratches or bents. You’ll simply love it. Here’s the manufacturer’s info about it:

“Stiffi barrels are available in 12, 14, and 16 inch lengths, with bore sizes ranging from .687 to .695 in .002 increments. Featuring a stepped bore .002 at 5 inches, and a precision engineered MicroJeweled bore for exceptional accurary, and weighing only 52 grams (1.7 oz), Stiffi barrels ounce-for-ounce are stronger than steel. Featuring zero-thermal expansion, meaning they do not expand or contract with temperature changes the way metal does, Stiffi gives you consistent performance and straight shooting all the time.”

If you’re looking for downsides you won’t find any. The thing is near perfect. The only thing you should worry about is using only a rubber and/or silicone squeegee to clean the barrel, because the others can scratch the inside. Nothing too serious as you can see. The barrel can be found for about $100 which is not cheap for a single barrel, but taking the performance under consideration the Stiffi is definitely worthy. You won’t regret picking it up before any other barrel out there, trust me.

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