Lapco Snapshot Barrel

If you’ve started loosing hope in the Lapco Snapshot Barrel Company, take a look at the Snapshot. Now this is a barrel you should definitely consider getting. It stands right there with the best barrels I can think of on the market right now. It’s dead accurate, even after a long time use, it is quiet (something that every other Lapco barrel reviewed till now lacked), it’s tough made, still very efficient (don’t ask me how they did it, but they’ve kept the efficiency level and still quieted it down) and this time in two pieces. No more small paint, medium pain recommended – you can now match the bore to the paint. You also get a choice of different length. It rarely gets better than that. Here are the specifications for it:

Gundrilled from Solid Billet Stock
Lined honed
Perfect concentricity
Polished and then Hard Anodized
.687, .689, .693 ID Back
10″, 12″, 14″, 18″ Front Tips

Nothing really on the bad side – the thing even cleans itself although I wouldn’t really leave the squeegee at home. But if you think you won’t have to pay the price for all those improvements you’re wrong. In this business you always get what you pay for. If the other Lapco snapshot barrels were in the range of $50, this one costs $90. I’ve said it not once or twice – there are better barrels out there, you just have to pay some more money for them. Here’s your prove coming from the same company. Don’t hesitate on getting this thing if you can pay the price for it though, it’s definitely worthy.