Evil – The Pipe Barrel System

So if a single barrel is just not enough for you why not get a complete system. Evil the pipe barrel system in my opinion is exactly what you need for. Now there’s no problematic bore size paintballs – you simply put the right back and you’re all set. The thing is quite a performer if you ask me. It’s extremely accurate, very light and great looking. Great plus is that it is self cleaning. No wasting time with squeegees anymore…just shoot through the break and the thing is back to normal. Although when talking about breaks – don’t expect too many of them, after all now you can match the barrel to the paintball size. So, here’s the info for it first, then back to the not so good part:

“A new innovative barrel from a new innovative company. From the company that brings you Evil Paintballs and other new Impulse, Angel, Autococker, Shocker and other parts comes a new barrel.”

1. 5 backs: 0.683, 0.686, 0.689, 0.692, 0.695. Tolerance stack: 0.0007 of an inch of bore indicated.
2. Micro hone finish tolerance: 2 to 5 microns. -Swank! – They can’t stop us; they can only hope we get hit by a bus.
3. 30degree angel venting, clears broken paint out and away, no more drips throwing off shot after shot as happens in straight porting. Porting disperses air evenly as to send ball on straight flight the whole flight.
4. Fade standard, looks great on most every marker. Silver to black fade standard, optional red to black, blue to black and green to black and optional solid black available soon.
5. Packaged in a gear bag and airport friendly protective tube. Backs are firmly held into place and the entire kit displays well.
6. Backs are optimized 6 inch length (its a good size). Front lengths vary to make overall barrel length: 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches available. 12 or 14in is recommended.
7. Currently made for Autococker threaded markers, Impulse, Angel, model 98 and Piranha (Spyder, Black dragun etc).

I really like the Pipe System…so do many players out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless. For starters the thing is kinda loud. Not too much, but loud enough to give out you position. Also if you are an aggressive player then this may not be the system for you. Some people claim that the thing is simply not strong enough – especially the tip. If you are more careful with it though, you’ll be just fine. Take care of your equipment and don’t abuse it too much – it will absolutely last you for a while. You may find the price of the Pipe System a little bit high – it costs around $150 – but if you think about what you’re really getting you’ll find the price more than fair. Well, you’ve read the review – you know the pros and cons. The decision is all up to you.