Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic Paintball Marker

Step into the next evolution of paintball technology with the Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic Paintball Marker. Sleek, powerful, and boasting features for both the beginner and seasoned professional, this is the equipment you need to elevate your game.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Renowned for top-tier equipment, Planet Eclipse never disappoints, and the Etha3 is no exception.

  • Color: Dressed in a stealthy black, this marker is both stylish and discreet on the field.

  • Caliber: Featuring a 68.00 caliber for accuracy and precision.

  • Team Name: Etha3, synonymous with reliability and performance.

  • Power Type: Battery-operated, ensuring consistent power throughout the game.

  • Barrel Material: Made of sturdy aluminum, the 14.5″ 2-piece Shaft 5 barrel boasts Cocker fast threads for quick and easy adjustments.

  • Integrated SL4 Inline Regulator: Fine-tune your shots with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Valve Chamber Shut-off and Breech Sensing Drivetrain: This feature ensures maximum efficiency, allowing for better air flow and consistency.

  • Outer Body: The GRN composite outer body ensures durability while the Aircraft-Grade Aluminum inner body core provides stability and resilience against the rigors of the game.

More About the Etha3:

The Planet Eclipse Etha3 doesn’t just stop at the basics. With its low-rise aluminum clamping feed-neck, players can ensure reduced paint breakage and faster loading. The quick-release back cap and tool-less bolt removal makes maintenance a breeze, minimizing downtime between games. Its aluminum adjustable blade trigger allows players to customize their firing experience, making each shot count.

Why Choose the Planet Eclipse Etha3?

When it comes to paintball markers, it’s essential to choose a brand and model that resonates with quality, durability, and efficiency. The Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic Paintball Marker ticks all these boxes. Its features, from the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain to the valve chamber shut-off, make it a worthy contender in the paintball arena.

If you’re in the market for a new paintball marker and want a perfect blend of affordability, performance, and aesthetics, the Etha3 should be at the top of your list. Ideal for both new players and veterans, this marker promises to be a game-changer.


Experience the future of paintball technology. Dive into unparalleled performance with the Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic Paintball Marker in Black. Perfect for those searching for “Planet Eclipse Etha3 Electronic Paintball Marker”, this is the gear to revolutionize your game. Don’t just play; dominate with Etha3.