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Planet Eclipse Etek2 08 Paintball Gun


This is a new version of the so popular Planet Eclipse Ego Etek and it sure deserves your attention. It’s smaller, lighter and performs better than its predecessors. The BPS capability is up and you know that’s always a plus. There are so many new things in it that you can’t really say it is the same gun. The only thing that’s still a constant is the price. The Etek2 08 is again half the price of the new 08 edition Planet Eclipse guns, just like the Ego Etek 06 was when the 06 versions were just out. Features:
•    24+ BPS capability
•    1700+ shot efficiency
•    New lighter body
•    New frame with improved ergonomics and sngtch Grip
•    New flatter blade trigger
•    New modular electronics
•    New interchangeable micro switch
•    New 2008 on/off/purge with t-rail mounting (over 1″ of lateral adjustment)
•    New 2008 inline regulator with aluminium piston and coil spring operation
•    New LPR assembly
•    New Shaft II two-piece barrel
•    User-definable settings for Ball-in-Place, Eyes Off ROF, Cap ROF (uncapped in Semi 1), Debounce, and firing modes
•    Uncapped Semi, Capped Semi as well as current CFOA, Millennium and PSP modes
•    Triple Tru-Color LED display
•    Micro-switch trigger operation
•    Five adjustable firing modes
•    Trigger-pull programming
•    Tourney lock
•    Deftek offset feed tube
•    Clamping feed
•    Nexus eye covers
•    Break beam eyes (BBSS)
•    Dual ball detents
•    Fully adjustable trigger
•    Pull-pin bolt release
•    Integrated valve and rammer housing
•    Full tool set
•    Spares pack
•    Eclipse gun oil
•    Physical dimensions Length: 543mm
•    Height: 223mm
•    Width: 29.4mm
•    Weight: 1.00Kg/2.2lb/35.5oz
The Etek2 costs $675 and if can’t afford the $1250 2008 edition guns, this is one good substitute. And it’s a Planet Eclipse so that’s worth something, right? You’ll really find the gun satisfying. The price is very good for a high-end marker and you should definitely consider it. You can find it in – black, ice blue, brown and gold and probably some more if you do a decent search. The divergence in the prices between the new Etek2 and the Ego Etek 06 right now is exactly 80 bucks. Think about it. Do the math and decide which one’s worth more.

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