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Tippmann 98 Custom Pro ACT Paintball Gun


So you’ll ask what’s the difference between 98 custom and the 98 custom pro. The second one is the newest version of the first one and a smart thinking of the Tippmann Company. If you’re a classic lover get the 98 custom version but if you like to be in track with the novelty you should consider the 98 custom pro. It’s a typical Tippmann with all it strengths and weaknesses and the only things that distinguish the custom and the custom pro are:
• Longer 11 inch anodized barrel for longer range
• Durable finish
• Single fire mode
• Redesigned drop forward for maximum comfort and reduced player profile
And the price being $159.00. so my advice is – if you’re looking for a gun to buy instead of getting the 98 custom get the newer one. But if you’ve already gotten the 98 custom don’t be disappointed. It is a great gun, too. And since the 98 custom has its camo version Tippmann decided to please you with the same one in the Pro version, too. So you can get this one for $189.95. Unfortunately they’ve decided to spare you the 98 Custom Pro with the response trigger, but still left you with the choice for the Tippmann 98 Custom Pro Paintball Gun with E-grip so here’s what the Pro with the E-grip features:
• 11″ Quick Thread High Performance Stone-Honed Barrel
• 5 Electronic firing modes: Semi Auto, Turbo, 3 Shot Burst, Auto Response, and Full Auto
• 15 Balls Per Second
• Double Trigger System
• Drop Forward
• All Aluminum Die Cast Receiver
• Fully Customizable Receiver
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Braided Gas Line
• Removable Front Grip to Accept Expansion Chambers and Vertical Tanks
• New Durable Silver Nickel or Black Finish
• Requires 9 Volt Battery (not included)
• 200 Round Hopper (Included)
• Maintenance Pack (Allen Wrench Set, Spare Tank O-Ring, Marker Lubricant, Cleaning Cable, Barrel Sleeve)
Not bad, right? And you get that for the price of $219.00. so as I said earlier even with the upgrades those guns come out cheap.

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