Tippmann 98 Custom ACT Paintball Gun

Here’s another piece of the Tippmann arsenal. Being a typical Tippmann gun the 98 custom is one of the most durable, dependable guns out there. Many people think that it’s a great beginner’s gun, and they are right, but with a little upgrading the 98 custom makes great primary gun as well. And what do we know about upgrading a Tippmann – it’s as easy as it will ever be. There are numerous upgrades available for it and at a normal price too. Still when you get your gun don’t rush into upgrades before even trying it first. Even without them the gun works perfectly. It is highly unusual for it to chop balls, no matter how strange that sounds it is true…many of the other guns will chop like crazy, but not your Tippmann – it’s one of its biggest strengths. As is its nice look, accuracy and price. Check the features:
•  ACT (Anti Chop Technology) is a patent pending design to help eliminate ball chopping and ensure consistent performance. Using a new technology that has the front and rear bolt working independently of each other, ACT virtually eliminates ball chopping and improves ball accuracy with less barrel cleaning. And unlike other anti chop systems, this system maintains ball velocity shot after shot and does not have to be re-cocked if the anti chop technology had to be engaged.
• Semi automatic, .68 caliber
• 8 1/2 inch Quick Thread stone honed high performance barrel
• Fully customizable to enhance performance
• All aluminum die cast receiver
• Fully customizable receiver and electronics adaptable
• Heavy duty stainless steel braided gas line
• Removable front grip to accept expansion chambers, vertical kits
• Wide range velocity adjustment screw
• Durable black finish
• 150+ foot effective range
• Trigger speed up to 8 shots per second
• Includes maintenance pack: allen wrench set, spare tank o ring, marker lubricant, cleaning cable
So about the flaws…you know it has to have some otherwise it’s not interesting. Now, when we talk about stock parts you know they usually suck…Tippmann’s not a difference. The stock barrel it comes with is pretty much a must change. It’s not like a huge flaw, but still is worth mentioning. Another thing is its maintenance. Don’t get me wrong the gun’s not difficult to maintain, actually it’s not difficult at all once you get used to it, but until then be very careful when taking it apart as there are some springs that tend to fly around like crazy. Another thing is that many players find it a little long and a little loud but that’s something you get used to after some time. I guess that’s pretty much it. Back to the good things…the gun is priced $139.00. It’s not like you can find anything better for that price. It’s simply cheap. Add up the upgrades, it will be cheap again. Why do you think many of the field owners use it as rental…they can afford it and it can take a lot of beating up without breaking. It’s a great gun to have. A gun you’re not gonna spent all your money for but you know you can always rely on. And if you like you can spend 30 more bucks and get it in its camo version; it’s a little bit more pricy but at least is something different. And here’s another thing for you: for its 20th anniversary Tippmann has come up with this model in mirrored black. There are only 3000 markers made so if you wanna piece of that I suggest you hurry. And every individual marker comes with certificate of authenticity and is individually numbered. It also have 20th anniversary commemorative logos and every one has gold plated hardware and gas line. It’s priced $149.99. Interested? So back to the review…or actually in order to basically spare you the same review for just one upgrade I’ll simply add things to the same review. I’m talking about the trigger difference. The 98 custom comes with stock trigger some of you may feel slow so Tippmann decided to upgrade the gun for you. So for 40 more bucks or total of $179.00 you can get the Tippmann 98 Custom ACT Response Paintball Gun with the only difference to the other being:
• The Response Trigger system is patented for rapid air assisting firing 15+ balls per second.
And if you don’t think that’s enough here’s the other Tippmann upgrade for you:
Tippmann 98 Custom ACT E Grip Paintball Gun – here’s the difference for you:
• The E Grip now exclusively with WAS electronics features 5 firing modes including semi automatic, turbo, 3 shot burst, auto reponse and full safety auto (eliminates accidental bursts of fire). For 2006, Tippmann has added the new WAS board which fires up to 30 balls per second, is more durable and extends battery life with an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of non play.
And its price is $199.00. What you chose is only up to you, but whatever you chose as long as it’s Tippmann there’s no way you go wrong.