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Epiphany Paintball Gun


Most of the players compare this marker to an Ion saying that it’s just a well upgrade version. The thing is…they are pretty similar to each other but upgrading the Ion to the level of Epiphany is gonna cost you much more money than just buying the Epiphany itself. Why trouble yourself with that. Besides the Epiphany marker is accurate, fast, reliable really light weighted and for the cost of only $399.99 you get one completely great marker. Other features include:

• Adjustable volume fire chamber for velocity stability at high rates of fire
• All metal body, feedneck, and grip frame construction
• Super-light, fast-acting bolt
• Enhanced solenoid valve
• Super-light magnesium alloy body, grip frame, and trigger
• Conical trigger bearing which eliminates side to side trigger slop
• Break-beam vision anti-chop technology
• Interchangeable bore barrel – standard
• Ergonomically designed trigger frame built to be walked
• Three point trigger adjustment
• Integrated air rail
• Rail-mounted on/off ASA
• High level of Ion compatibility – Epiphany owners can make use of many existing aftermarket accessories and Ion owners can upgrade to Epiphany level performance.
Here are some things on the negative side. If you decide and buy the gun you may wanna purchase new feedneck as most of the players don’t feel safe with this one. It needs high performance hopper as it fires a lot of paint really fast. Not that the last thing is a flow but because of the fast shooting you may need to use a lot of air. Overall the marker is great and you won’t be disappointed if you get it. It comes in many different colors like: blue, red, white, black, gold, pewter, black/white, black/black, black/red, black/blue so it’s only up to your preferences.

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