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Smart Parts SP-8 Scenario Paintball Gun


The opinions about this gun differ from one end to the other. Contrary to all of the guns out there in the same situation this time it’s all because of the SP-8 looks. There’s no middle when it comes to that. People either like how the marker looks or they think it’s hideous. But that’s it – the differences in the opinions stop here, because when it comes to performance, reliability and durability no one can say a bad word for the SP-8. The gun is really something that deserves attention. It’s fast, it’s accurate and it’s strong. You can definitely rely on it. Even in extreme conditions it’s less likely for the gun to cause trouble. Rain, snow…it’s there for you, flawless all the time. Check out the features:
•    17 balls per second semi-auto rate of fire with 3 shot burst, full auto and our Rebound firing mode.
•    Break-beam Vision Anti-Chop System Reliable and durable, the eyes are mounted on a separate board for perfect alignment and not affected by paintball or body color. Just clean and replace in minutes.
•    Reliability The internal parts the SP-8 shares with the ION were engineered to stand up to the demands of professional players. It will outlast any electro-pneumatic tactical maker. Oh, wait there aren’t any others. The SP-8 is the first.
•    Improved Ball Detents Approximately 10 times the service life of current detents.
•    Great Efficiency Expect a reliable 1000-1400 shots from a 68ci, 4500psi bottle without any modifications.
•    Accuracy & Range The trademarks you expect from Smart Parts
•    Right-Handed Feed Tube Doesn’t get in the way of your in-line mounted scope or sight. [Elbow adapter is included.]
•    Tools 1/8″ Allen wrench is all you need for primary disassembly–and it’s included, along with trigger and velocity adjustment wrenches and a handy parts kit.
•    Impulse Threads Take advantage of the barrels you may already have.
It’s the perfect gun for you if you like scenario games, but as I said looks is its only flaw. Being military like the gun can feel bulky and many people find it uncomfortable. It’s also not one of the lightest guns, but it’s fairly light. Maneuverability can also be a problem with it. It also likes air a lot so keep that in mind (air is preferred before CO2). Again like with most of the guns a new feed neck won’t hurt you although the stock one is pretty good, too. Still I think the advantages are in favor of the SP-8 and if you like how it looks you don’t want to miss it out. The price is fairly good one – you can get the gun for $274.99 which is not at all that bad. Colors are also available – (the typical scenario ones) urban, desert, jungle and black. I personally find it good looking. But it’s all up to you.

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  • Greg murnock February 1, 2010, 10:44 pm

    yes it is a great gun. i highly recomend the stealth barrel kit and stock…they help they looks alot! to any body thinking about getting this gun…stop thinking and just get it! it works great and i have never had a problem with it!!!

  • Jay May 2, 2011, 11:25 am

    I like the gun awhole lot. I would like to buy some upgrades but dont know what to look for. Any advice???