Smart Parts – Modify’d Shocker NXT

Shockers have always been known as solid guns and this one’s no difference. The only difference I find with the other Shockers is its looks. And I don’t mean the body’s different or something, I’m talking about the engravings. Its custom made by Modify’d and it really is a piece of art. Other than that the gun is just the same – a good one – it’s small, fast, very durable, pretty accurate even with the stock barrel, efficient and most importantly reliable. Here’s the info provided:

“The field proven performance of the Shocker NXT, with its minimal weight, compact size, sizzling rate of fire and simple maintenance has accompanied some of the world’s best professional paintball teams to the winner’s podium.


Custom laser engraving by Modify’d”

It’s not a cheap marker and everyone knows that, what shocked me though is the difference in the price depending on the place that sells it. The gun’s price varies from $580 to $900, which is a huge difference. I have no idea what’s causing that, but I guess you should be careful where you’re getting your markers from. Make sure to check out as many options as possible. As to the marker itself it sure deserves getting.