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Adco Champ Red Dot Sight


Sights are an optional feature that not everybody likes, but for those who do and who are looking for ones, we’ll give you some of the newest, the best and the cheapest options. Also we’ll warn you about the not so worthy ones so make sure you read as many reviews as possible.
Many of you know that sights are not so useful when it comes to speedball, but for recball or scenerio games they may help a lot. The first sight we’ll talk about is the Adco Champ Red Dot Sight. This sure isn’t the best choice you can make, but considering the price I think it deserves some attention. The sight costs only about $30 and is has some good qualities. Like the fact that it is very durable. It’s made of plastic, but still it won’t break easily. Another good thing is the ability to change the brightness of the dot so even if you’re playing at a very bright light you can still clearly see the dot. Also the sight is very easy to zero and it won’t need much tweaking after that. Speaking of tweaking it has a thumbwheel that makes the elevation adjustment no problem. It’s really a nice sight. See the tiny bit of info about it:

“It is lightweight sight with a durable poly body and strong metal mounting clamps.”

It’s a cheap sight, so you have to expect some downsides. The most serious ones are it being a little wobbly when you attach it to your marker or it can even slide out of place during a game. You just have to make sure it’s secured enough. Also there’s no power-saving circuitry, so battery will eventually die if the sight is accidentally left on. It’s also not the most battery saving thing. It’s kinda hard to clean, too. If it takes a direct hit pain can even get between the lenses…then it gets almost impossible to clean. The last thing some of you may not like is that it only comes in one color and that is blue. It would be so much better if it was black…but it’s blue so deal with it. For $30 you can’t really ask for more. If you can’t afford something more expensive – this is a good option.

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