Adco E-Dot

If money is not a problem, here’s another Adco E-Dot Sight that may interest you. The E-Dot is so much better than the Champ Red Dot. For starters, it’s very durable. Don’t worry that it will break – it can take direct hits without any problems. Also there are many different settings of brightness which makes it so much easier when you’re playing in the dark or in broad daylight. The acquisition of target is extremely easy and fast. That’s mainly because the size of the optics and the fact that you can use both eyes to lock on. The sight is great on battery and it will last you for a long time. The thing is very easy to zero and it won’t take you long to center it perfectly. See the provided info about it:

“This e-dot sight uses the same technology employed by fighter aircraft to achieve fast target acquisition. The 30 mm compact Model (ECB, shown) is a versatile sight for a variety of shooting sports. It fits 3/8 inch or 7/8 inch mounts. Its compact design provides an even greater field of view than other 30 mm sights.”

This is a great choice of sight, but as I already said it will cost you. Prices can vary quite a bit depending on the place you’re getting the thing. You can find it as cheap as $70 or as pricy as $120, so make sure you’ve checked at least two places before making a purchase. Some other things you may not like about it, is that it tends to be kinda bulky (but since you get a great field of view I think that’s worth ignoring. The thing may also be kinda hard to mount…but once you do it you’ll be fine. Those are the only downsides I can think of. It really is a great sight and I’m sure you’ll like it if you decide to get it. Yet again we wan you – check several places before you buy it because of the big price difference.