Daisy Max View Electronic Point Sight

If you want a really cheap sight that in the same time won’t cause you many problems this may be the one for you. Sure, it’s not the best one on the market and it has its flaws, but for the money it comes they’re worth ignoring. I’ll start with the positives – the biggest one is the price – you can get the sight for no more than $10 (at some places even for $5). It doesn’t get cheaper than that. The sight is very nice looking, the red dot is bright and visible, it uses watch battery and it will last you for quite a while. It stays secure on the marker and won’t move around like many others. It provides nice field of view and is not really a weak sight. Here’s the description for it and we’ll continue:

“Daisy Max View Electronic Point Sight features adjustment for variable red dot brightness. It provides 18′ field of view at 30 yards. Fits standard 3/8″ dovetail mount.”

Now about the flaws – the thing is kinda hard to calibrate, but that’s true for many of the sights out there. It’s pretty hard to clean. The paint can get into so many places that it will take you a while to get it back to normal. Also the battery cover falls pretty easy so be careful not to lose it. And that’s about it. As I said those are things worth ignoring considering the price of the sight. If you really can’t afford something more expensive this one is a good substitute.