OPSGEAR Fast on Target (FOT) Sight

The FOT Sight is a bit different than the others reviewed till now. It’s nothing more than two ghost rings which when aligned provide target acquisition. It’s simple, but works perfectly. It doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t have lenses. The sight is all metal and extremely durable. It’s practically indestructible. It’s very light and also easy to clean. Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. See some information about it and we’ll continue:

Made for Paintball Markers – Fits the A5 and Model 98 and clears the hoppers.


•    Designed by OPSGEAR working with SG FIVE SWAT Trainers
•    Military Grade
•    Bead Blasted Anodized Aluminum – BLACK
•    The two GHOST Rings align in seconds to provide instant target acquisition
•    Will mount on the Tippmann A5 or Model 98
•    Will Mount on ANY weaver style, picatinny or 20mm mount in seconds
•    Can be mounted toward the front (Close Quarter Style) or on the top of a rail
•    Requires no batteries

What people don’t like about it is that the ghost rings tend to be too big and don’t create a very small focus area for sighting. Also the pin inside tends to unscrew with the vibrations of firing the gun. This is easy to fix with some loctite, but it’s still irritating. Another thing you should consider is that the sight has a very low profile and you may have to purchase a raised sight rail on which to mount the FOT sight. It comes pretty pricy – about $50 and for what you get that’s a little expensive. For that money you can get a good red dot sight. Still, the FOT has its advantages over the other sights out there and in the end the decision is all yours.