TASCO 30mm Red Dot

TASCO 30mm Red Dot is also a nice buy. The scope is not too expensive, and I’m sure you’ll like it. It has pretty large field of view and a nicely visible red dot. There are 11 brightness settings for the red dot making it usable in every lighting condition. The scope is durable and won’t break on you even if it takes a direct hit. It’s light and although it’s not the smallest one it looks pretty good on the marker. It’s easy to mount and adjust. Once you zero it, it will stay steady on the gun and won’t move around like many other scopes do. Here’s the provided information about it:

“Extra-bright with a wide field-of-view, illuminated 5 M.O.A. Red Dot with 11-position rheostat, built on dovetail fits standard centerfire weaver-style bases. For shotguns up to 3″ shells and handguns up to .357 magnum.”

Nothing really to be put as a downside. Sure there are much better scopes out there, but for the price this is a pretty reasonable buy. It will cost you about $35 which compared to the prices of the good products out there is rather cheap. Go for it if you can’t afford something more expensive. I’m sure it will meet all your expectations.