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Crosman Red Dot Site


The biggest advantage of the Crosman Red Dot Site is that it comes with a very low price tag. Overall it’s not a bad sight. It’s lightweight, you get plenty of field view, there’s no glare, it’s easy to adjust and zero, it also stays on the marker very secure. It’s a nice looking sight, but it has one big disadvantage – it wasn’t really designed for paintball. It was designed for air rifles and pistols, as that is what Crosman primarily produces. It’s just not designed to take abuse or paint on the internals. It’s all plastic sight and a couple of direct hits will just make it useless. And the durability is not its only problem – the red dot isn’t very bright, it’s awful on battery (if you forget the switch on you certainly have to replace the battery the next day), the battery switch is very flimsy and it will totally come off after some use, also some people complain about the elevation not being enough. Consider all those things before you rush into buying the sight. As I already said it’s pretty cheap one – you can find it for about $15 – but if you can spend some more money I suggest you look for something else. What’s the point of getting a sight that will pretty soon fail you?  There are better sights out there and for not much more money. Look around a little bit more.

“Easy-to-use finger knob adjustments & large lens for increased FOV.”

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