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Dye Izon Red Dot Sight


You know my opinion on Dye products. There’s rarely something that will disappoint me. Unfortunately the Dye Izon is one of those products. Not that it’s a bad sight, but if I have to compare it to the Armson ProDot, the ProDot will totally outshine it. The Izon is an occluded eye sight just like the ProDot so it may take some time to get used to it, but one you do it will improve your accuracy quite a bit. It’s pretty compact and overall smaller than the ProDot, but because of that the red dot is brighter. It’s not hard to see it, only it’s brighter. It has wide field of view. It doesn’t require batteries, just sunlight to operate. It’s also pretty easy to clean…just like the ProDot (for those who haven’t read the review about it). Now here’s some infi and we’ll move on:

“This sight gives you the appearance of a red dot on your target. You aim with both eyes open, one eye looking through the sight and the other looking at your target, and you’ll see a red dot on your target. The sight is adjustable and it requires no batteries.”

The biggest advantage of the ProDot over the Izon is the durability level. The Izon won’t break on you easily, but it’s not as durable as the ProDot. The Izon is made of aluminum, but still there are some plastic parts inside. The ProDot is all metal. The Izon is also pretty hard to mount. It’s stable once you mount it, but the mounting itself will take a while. As to the price – the Izon costs about $45 which is cheaper than the Armson and if you can’t afford the ProDot you should absolutely go for the Izon. Still if you can spend some more money I suggest you go for the Armson without hesitation.

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