BSA Optics PMRS Sight

The PMRS wouldn’t be my first BSA Optics choice. It has its advantages, but in my opinion it’s not really worthy the price asked. It does have lower profile than BSA 30mm RD Sight (for those of you concerned about the size). It’s more compact and really nice looking. It also has four different reticules (stated in the description). The sight is easy to mount and zero and pretty steady once you mount it on your marker. It’s also easy on the battery, but don’t forget to turn it off in the end. Sounds pretty good for now, but I’ll explain why it’s not my favorite after the description:

“The PMRS is a compact, lightweight multi reticule sight with a 3 M.O.A. dot, crosshair, 10 M.O.A. dot crosshair and a 65 M.O.A. circle with a 3 M.O.A. dot. It features a panoramic view. It comes with an integral weaver style mounting rail. Batteries and rubber lens cover are included.”

First of I’m concerned about the durability. I’m sure the thing can take a couple of direct hits, but more than that you’re just pushing your luck. Also on a very bright day if the sun is shining right on you, you may have a bit of trouble finding your reticule. Even though the sight has seven brightness levels the reticule is still pretty fade. Those are not things you neglect when buying a sight and I suggest you think twice before getting this one. As to the price – it’s about $60, which is kinda high, especially when you can find the 30mm RD Sight for as cheap as $30. There’s plenty of sight choice out there and I’m sure you can find something better than that…you just have to do some more searching.