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BSA Optics 50mm Red Dot Sight


If you didn’t like the BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope, because it is big, just skip this review and move on to the next one. For those who don’t mind the size you’re gonna love the BSA Optics 50mm Red Dot Sight. It is just as great as the BSA Optics 30mm Red Dot Scope, only bigger. It has huge field of view, it’s extremely durable and won’t break even after a direct hit, it’s great on battery, you have 11 brightness settings for the red dot so you can play in pretty much every lighting condition, it’s easy to mount and calibrate. The lenses of the sight have a nice anti glare coating so that’s one less thing to worry about. Now see the provided specifications and we’ll move on:

Red dot features and specifications
*All optics have a lifetime Warranty
*11 dot intensity settings 3MOA
*Positive click Windage and Elevation adjustments of 1 click per 100 yards
*ALL GLASS Lenses, Multicoated Top quality precision ground and polished
*Water, Recoil and Fog proof, Nitrogen filled
*Sturdy Aircraft quality Aluminum Construction
*Durable matte powder coat Finnish (Black only)
*Extra 3 volt Lithium battery included
*Instructions, cleaning cloth, Warranty Card and Red dots all in Attractive packaging

There’s not too much to be put as a downside – I already mentioned the size, but there’s one more thing you should get into consideration – the sight is meant for a weaver rail which makes it hard to mount to some markers. Still anything is possible with some adjustments. This is a pricey sight costing about $90, but if you can afford it you should certainly think about getting it. You won’t be disappointed.

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