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Diablo Heat Paintballs 2000 Count


So you’ve got almost all the gear – the pants, the jersey, the gloves, the mask and the gun…overall you’re all set for the game. Except now you have to choose the paintballs that you’re gonna be playing with. I mean for sure you can’t skip that part, right. There are many paintballs you can chose from and in the next series of reviews we’ll show you the most popular brands and what they have to offer. But since paintball choosing is a matter of mostly tries and mistakes, until you find the ones that suites you and your gun the best, we can’t guarantee that our reviews will be absolutely helpful. What we’re saying is that it highly depends on the gun specifications whether the paintballs are gonna work for you or not.
We’re randomly gonna start with the Diablo Heat paintballs. What we’re dealing with here is probably one of the cheapest paintballs you can find. Unfortunately in this case the price does determine the performance. See what the given specifications for these paintballs are:
“Created for game fields and Recreational player’s enjoyment. Diablo Heat has the characteristics that Field Owners demand; Non-staining, easy to clean up, breaks on impact, but seldom in the rental gun. Quite simply, the paint the Pro’s use. Winner of NPPL events all year long, Heat’s intense, heavyweight fills won’t wipe away. The brittle shell formula guarantees breakage on impact when used with high performance, low pressure guns. Various colors available.”
And now we just have to bash those vaunts completely – probably the only thing that is true here is the non-staining and easy to clean part…yeah, but sometimes those are things that can be put on the negative side. I mean paintballs should stain a bit in order to actually leave a mark of impact, right. As to the breakage…that’s not always the case…there are multiple complains that the shell of these exact paintballs is pretty thick which causes a lot of bounces…and I mean a lot. That’s not the case if you’re using a bigger barrel, though…surprisingly they bounce with a target contact, but tend to break easily in bigger barrels…go figure. There are also some color problems…sometimes the colors of the shell and filling tent to mix…like if you’re playing blue/yellow the break color is kinda greenish…or pink/white…kinda pinkish…you know what I mean…not that that’s a big problem, but still. And we highly doubt that this is the paintballs preference of the Pro players. But we can’t skip the good parts …yes there are some – the price – as mentioned already…very, very cheap paintballs – cost only $39.98 for 2000 count or only 14 bucks for 500 round. Shape is also good. In 95% of the time the paintballs are equally shaped and round which is good. They are also pretty accurate (but that doesn’t always depends on the paintballs you know). And there’re plenty of colors you can chose from. So for cheap paintballs those are not that bad, but we don’t really recommend them for competitive games…for practice though they work just fine. And once again there’s only one way for you to choose paintballs – to try them. Try as many as possible and see what’s best for you and your gun.

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