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Nelson EKG Paintballs


Those are fairly new in the Nelson arsenal. For now they’re keeping somewhat high price, but I’m pretty sure it will drop once some time passes. For now you can find them around $45 and $55 and this is probably gonna be the only time I advise you to wait before get the paint for a try. It’s not that it’s bad, but as I said I’m pretty sure the price will drop. As to the reviews this paint is getting – they’re alright. It’s not the perfect paint and there are better Nelson paintballs to choose from. The fill of the EKG is fairly good – it’s nice and thick, but again there are not too many fill colors to choose from. I’m actually not sure if there are any other colors than green. I have to check that out. Anyways other than the good fill I can say that these balls fly pretty straight and there are gonna be no problems there. It has to be used with middle size bore and the balls are pretty consistent in size. What I don’t like is that the shell is on the hard side. It breaks most of the time, but bounces are possible. The good side is that it doesn’t break in the barrel. Still you know beside bounces what’s the other problem with hard shelled paint – it hurts like hell when you get hit with it. So if you’re not using any proper protection gear I say when you go to friendly paintball games get another kind of paint.

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