Dynasty Dragon Paintballs

Dynasty Dragon Paintballs is one of the priciest paint on the market.  With price varying between $70 and $80 for 2000 count it’s not something everyone can afford. Still, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before – with paintballs, price do determine quality. So when paying a lot of money for paintballs, you know you’re getting a high quality product. This is just the case with this paint.  There’s absolutely nothing to complain about with it…except its price. I won’t say the paint is perfect, because there’s no product that deservers this description, but the Dragon is very near perfection. If you get the chance to try it it’s almost certain that you’ll fall for it. I’ll go through the specifications again as I do with every other review, but this time keep in mind that when I write “great” and “perfect” I mean it 100%. The fill is the first thing that’s gonna capture your attention – it’s just the right thickness and brightness and also stains great (great meaning hard to wipe, but easy to wash). Another thing you’ll notice is that it has banana smell (and taste, but don’t eat it) which is not something you’ll find very often with other paintballs (very often=probably never). The shell – it’s perfect. Breaks on target contact every time and barrel breaks are very, very, very rare. Your accuracy will only improve with this paint (just mind that the best bore size for it is medium) – the balls are greatly shaped and almost seamless.  It’s the paint you just can’t refuse to shoot with. Unfortunately it’s kinda hard to find, a problem we find often when speaking about the priciest paintballs, but there are web sites that sell it. And as I already said if you can afford it, don’t hesitate to buy it.