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Nelson Special Forces Paintballs


Special Forces paint is again one of the good Nelson products. It doesn’t get perfect reviews, but that’s not because it’s not good paint. There are other reasons, like its price for instance – 2000 count of those can vary from $45 to $70 depending where you’re getting it from. Fact is that there are better Nelson paintballs that come cheaper. I think that’s the reason the Special Forces is poorly reviewed. It’s a paint that requires a medium bore size and the ball diameter is pretty consistent so that’s the bore you should be using. The paint performs well – it has nice thick and bright fill, nice round shell that breaks on target and rarely in the gun. The paint is accurate and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed from its performance. Beside the other Special Forces flaw is that it comes in just 2 color variations. I’m a person that likes to have options and for me 2 colors are just not enough. But other than that the paint deserves a try. It also comes in pretty nice packaging. It looks very military which is cool and a nice change of scenery. So don’t hesitate to try the paint if you have the money. If you don’t there are other Nelson products just as good if not better than it.

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