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Nelson Hemorrhage Paintballs


Again one of the good Nelson paints – not the best, the good. Many people like the Hemorrhage and there’s why. It’s really a decent paint to get although with its price around $40 I suggest you get the Precision. But this one should not be skipped as a try too. The potential problems you’ll get with it are bounces as the shell tends to be on the hard side. It doesn’t like cold weather and gets really brittle when those are the circumstances. It’s also pretty hard to find as not too many stores sell it. And that’s about it on the bad side. Other than that the paint is great. The fill is alright. The shape and size are perfect (perfect size meaning consistent one). Accuracy is also good – no reports about curving and falling. The paint is a little bit on the tiny side so it likes small size bore (mind the bore size – always – or you’re risking crappy day of paintball). There are also plenty of colors to choose from. So as I said this is a paint you shouldn’t scratch from the “try list”. It is a little bit pricier than the Precision, but still. And btw it sometimes happens that the highly rated paint sucks for you and the lower rated one feels perfect. Most of the time that’s pure luck, because the lower rated paints are usually cheaper. Try it…what more can I say.

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