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Nelson Precision Paintballs


Remember when I told you that Nelson Anarchy is one of the best Nelson paintballs? Well this is on of the other bests. Nelson Precision not only performs great, but s also cheap which is not something you find too often when speaking about paintballs. The Precision costs around $35 for 2000 count. You’ll agree with me that for that money what you usually get is some medieval paint that tends to cause you problem after problem – not this one, though. The paint it really good – the shell is just fine – not too hard, not too brittle, just right – it breaks on target and not in gun. The fill is bright, thick and stains just enough. There’s also no inconsistency in the ball size – it requires a medium bore size and you know that’s the only one you can use with it. The balls are perfect – they’re round and are not dimpled. The seams are pretty good too. You now the things said in the last two sentences guarantee some decent accuracy…as much as it depends on the paint. What’s not so good about this paint is that it doesn’t age too well. You’ll notice if you come across old paint…all those things mentioned as strengths immediately turn into flaws. The paint is totally worth those 35 bucks and this time I insist you try it out. To tell you the truth I even prefer it over the Anarchy.

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