Nelson Challenger Paintballs

Nelson Challenger Paintballs is a paint that gets over the middle scores for performance. It’s definitely not the best Nelson paint, but there are worse from that same brand. Overall the paint acts pretty well. There’s not one complain about dimpled or misshaped balls, about crappy fill or shell. On the contrary people are very happy with all those mentioned – the shell is just brittle enough to break on target and not in gun and the fill stains just enough to prevent wipes, but doesn’t stain the clothes forever. What they don’t like is the inconsistency in the ball size. Usually the Challenger requires a large bore size like .692 or larger, but sometimes that’s way too large. I relate that to the weather conditions, but you should watch out what paint you’re getting and match it to your bore. Another complain is about paint accuracy – it’s not too often but people are saying that at first it shoots straight but then starts to curve a lot. This may be due to the noticeable seams that tend to catch air, but as I said that’s not too often of a sight. The paint costs $20 for a 1000 count and it’s definitely not the pricier paint out there. My advice to you is to part with 20 bucks and give this thing a shot. You now that the right paint is out there…you just have to try as much as possible to find it. Who knows – Nelson Challenger might be just that.