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Nelson Whack Paintballs


Nelson Whack is somewhat a repetition to the Hot Spot. Although they differ a little it’s not by much. The Whack is also one of the cheap paints. They’re sold for $35 for 2000 count, which is just a little bit pricier than the Hot Spot and a tiny bit cheaper than the Nel-Splat. Of all three I’ll stuck with the Nel-Splat, but those do deserve to be reviewed anyway. The problem with the Whack balls is mostly the fill which just like the Hot Spot’s one is pretty watery and does not stain well. Here the problem is even bigger as there are also just a couple of colors that you get to choose from – orange and yellow (they’re bright though if that’s any consolation). The shell is also pretty thick – meaning lots of bounces (but less barrel breaks). Still on the good side the shell may be hard, but is also pretty round and isn’t dimpled so you’re getting pretty good accuracy levels with those. I rarely talk about paintballs packing, but that’s mostly because they come in boxes. Those actually come in a bucket which is a nice feature for a change. The Whack work best with medium bore size and I have to add that in their case there are extremely rare complains about diameter variations. Again those will work better for you if you don’t use them in competitive paintball. They’re just fine for practice and fun. I suggest those over the Hot spot, but if you plan playing competitive get the Nel-Splat

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