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Nelson Nel-Splat Paintballs


This is the paint from the same brand that you should choose over the Hot Spot. It’s a little bit pricier – 5 to 8 bucks (of total $35 to $38), but it will definitely be more satisfying than the previous one mentioned. Many of the Hot Spot flaws have been corrected, but there are still some that recur. With the Nel-Splat you get pretty decent fill – thick (definitely thicker than the one in the Hot Spot), bright and it sure stains. There are also plenty of colors to choose from. The balls rarely break in the barrel, but contrary to the Hot Spot they break on target hit pretty well. They fly straight most of the time and even though sometimes you can experience some curves this is not an often sight. Unfortunately the inconsistency in the balls size is still here which can be a huge problem sometimes. Also if it happens that you do break a ball in the barrel prepare yourself for quite a messy situation. So, overall those paintballs perform well but not great. There are plenty of other paintballs that are much better than those, but for the price they’re given I say they’re a good choice. When talking about paintballs guess price do reflect the quality – there are exceptions of course, but it’s up to you to find them for yourself.

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