Nelson paintballs

Nelson Hot Spot Paintballs

So those are some of the crappier Nelson Hot Spot Paintballs and you’re probably thinking why I am reviewing them – because they have their strengths. Overall those are some inconsistent paintballs. They have pretty thick shell which can be both good and bad – good because you rarely get barrel breaks, but with the shell thick enough you’ll also get a lot of bounces. The most irritating thing in those paintballs though is that they’re very inconsistent in diameter. This is most likely Nelson’s quality control fault, but anyways it affects your game. Sometimes the balls can be perfect fir for your medium bore size and sometimes you’ll find it hard to run it through a large size one. Also – the fill is kinda watery although it is bright and easy to spot. It is easy to wipe though so if there are cheaters around be sure that they’re gonna take advantage of that. So, you’re probably wondering what happened with the strengths. First of all the accuracy of the balls is not bad – if you get a nice fresh batch of paintballs that actually fit your bore. But probably the biggest strength is that they’re cheap. A 2000 count of those costs only $30. If you’ve read other paintballs reviews you’ll know that this is a pretty low price. There is a chance that you get disappointed from the Hot Spot performance in competitive game, but if you’re only practicing, or having fun those are a somewhat good buy. Take advantage of the price and if you don’t really like them just don’t buy them again.