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Nelson Anarchy Paintballs


There are many choices that you can make when talking about Nelson Company’s paintballs. Right now I’m reviewing the best one among them. No, seriously, there might be one or two other Nelson paintballs that are somewhere near as quality, but the Anarchy is definitely the leader. There are very few complains about this paint but it’s nothing that differs too much from every other paint out there. People tend to think that the shell is just a tad thicker than what it should be and this can sometimes cause bouncing balls…not too often though. And that’s actually the only complain that concerns the performance of the Anarchy. The other complain is about their availability – those are not the easiest paintballs to find, but if you do some searching it is very likely to succeed…and trust me this paint deserves that search. People say that it actually increases your accuracy – now, I don’t know how close that is to the true, but the balls are indeed very round and have absolutely no dimples on them. The fill is bright…very bright, thick and stains pretty well (so even if they wanna cheat it will just be impossible). For those paintballs you need a large bore size – .692 and larger so mind that if you decide to get them, or you’ll be writing bad reviews soon after. As to the price – it’s around $45 for 2000 count which I think is just fair for the quality of paint you’re getting. And, if you’re still not sick of hearing it – trying as many paints as possible is the way to go in order to find the one that suits you best.

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