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Worr Addiction Paintballs


If the Perfection is the best Worr paint out there the Addiction should be the worst…or if not the worst certainly somewhere between them. Yes, it has its strengths like being cheap and hard shelled, but they can easily be turned into weaknesses. The paint is indeed cheap – you can find it for around $25-$35 for 2000 count, but it’s just not worth getting. Spend 5 or 10 more bucks and get something that can really be used in paintball game instead just getting a cheap paint that’s only gonna cause you trouble and in the end ruin your day. The Addiction has really hard shell that for those who hate barrel breaks is great, but what’s the point when most of the times when you hit a target the balls are gonna bounce. Also in many cases you’ll find the balls dimpled and misshapen which causes inaccuracy and ball drops. The fill is not that good, too. It’s weak and even if you’re lucky enough and your ball does break on target it’s less likely to leave a good stain.  If you’re looking for a cheap paint to practice with this should do the job. For a competitive game of paintball though I suggest get something else. It’s just not paint that you can count on and there’s a high chance for it to only ruin your mood for paintball. And if you insist on the brand for 5 more bucks you can get the Domination which is at least a class over this one.

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