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Worr Perfection Paintballs


Now this is some good paint coming from Worr Company. I can’t say that there are absolutely no complains about it, but those that are can’t be considered too big ones. Overall the paint gets perfect ratings and there’s a reason why. It pretty much does everything that it’s supposed to do and performs in a way you expect a good paint to. It flies straight with no curving and dropping, it’s nicely shaped with no dimples and misshapes. Its shell is very nice, too. It rarely breaks in your gun and always on target hit. The Perfection also performs pretty well in extreme weather conditions although it is at its peak in normal surrounding. It actually requires a small bore barrel – around .689 or lower so mind that before buying it. The only complains about it are for the fill. I don’t know why, but people find it a little watery. Maybe Worr decided to try and lower the staining power of the Domination paintballs and kinda overzealous themselves. Still the fill is not bad…it does leave a mark when you hit your target and is bright enough to see the hit. The Perfection is a little pricier than the Domination and that’s right-fully. The Perfection can be found around $45-$55 depending on the place you’re getting it. It’s not a scary price…it’s somewhere in the middle of paintball prices. If you have the money – get it. You won’t be disappointed.

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